Doctor Who Philosophy: “Life prevails over Death; Resistance is Futile”

Doctor Who into the dalek

Journey Blue (rebel fighter): “Why should we trust a Dalek? Why would it change?”

The Doctor (Time Lord): “Good question. Rusty, what changed you?”

Rusty (Dalek): “I saw beauty.”

Doctor: “You saw what?”

Rusty: “The silence and the code. I saw worlds burning.”

Blue: “That’s not beauty; that’s destruction.”

Rusty: “I saw more.”


Wealth for a Struggling Planet: The Sky is Not the Limit!

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Wealth in spacefaring

Yesterday, soon after publishing the article “NASA Aims for Mars with World’s Most Powerful Rocket,” I noticed a small, but noticeably frequent, reaction that went as followed: Why are we spending so much money to go to space, let alone other planets, when Earth still has its own problems needing to be dealt with first? This is a common view held by many people, to which I don’t blame them for having.

Yes, there are still many problems here on Earth that, quite frankly, we’re not spending a lot of time, effort, or capital to help address. But then is State funding of NASA’s budget really to blame, or even adding damage to an already beaten up planet? Astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson would beg to differ:

“The NASA budget is four-tenths of one penny on a tax dollar. If I held up the tax dollar, and I cut horizontally into it, four-tenths of one percent on a tax dollar does not even get you into the ink! So I will not accept a statement that says, ‘We can’t afford it!’” – Neil deGrasse Tyson


Donate to Anti-Aging Research (+more) By Using Amazon Smile!

Smile Amazon Sens

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge was a great event which brought in a million new donors and millions of dollars in donations for ALS research. But what about the other diseases out there, and other charities needing your help? What if you could donate to them every time you shopped online?

Thanks to Amazon, this is now possible. Their relatively new service program Amazon Smile allows people to choose a charity they’d like to donate to and then have a percentage of each purchase you make on Amazon donated to said charity. It doesn’t charge you extra, it simply reserves 0.5% of each purchase for the charity of your choosing. Granted, it’s not a lot, but for someone like me who uses Amazon a lot for most of my shopping, I’m just glad that part of that money is going somewhere important.


NASA Aims for Mars with World’s Most Powerful Rocket

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER


NASA is rising above its shadows and taking aim for Mars. Yesterday, NASA officials announced they’d completed a review of the Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift exploration rocket and has approved it for development. This is the first exploration class vehicle to be approved since the development of space shuttles, in which the agency’s Space Shuttle program officially ended in August of 2011.

The SLS is a heavy-lift, exploration class rocket which attains anywhere from a 70-metric-ton to 130-metric-ton lift capacity. It is scheduled for a flight test no later than November of 2018, to which will be equipped with the 70-metric-ton lift capacity that’ll help carry an uncrewed Orion spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit. Future plans with its 130-metric-ton lift capacity will also be developed for larger exploration scenarios, from asteroids to Mars.


Artificial Intelligence and The Singularity Conference

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What is the most likely path (technology) to achieve AGI?

When will we likely achieve human-level general intelligence?

How fast will its intelligence increase? An ‘explosion’?

How serious are the risks?

The Artificial Intelligence and The Singularity Conference is your best chance to hear a variety of answers to the above questions from leading experts on AI. It will be held on September 20, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, at Piedmont Veterans Hall, 401 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, California and you can get tickets at EventBrite for the nominal price of $20 – $35.


Jbin: Humans Pollute the Rivers, Robots Clean Them

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Jbin 2

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “44% of assessed stream miles, 64% of assessed lake acres, and 30% of assessed bay and estuarine square miles are not clean enough to support uses such as fishing and swimming.” This is in the United States alone, not taking into account how much pollution makes up the entire globe in our oceans, rivers, and lakes. For one Italian group, however, known as inktobit, their worries are in the Tiber river which makes its way through the city of Rome.

Heavily impacted by surface and chemical pollution, the Tiber river is being targeted as a suitable candidate for automated cleaning via robots. Known as Jbin, this machine will float along the Tiber river and cycle out the pollutants with its central body, which makes up propellers designed to create a surrounding vortex as it’s anchored to the bottom.


B10N1C Implant Could Turn You Into a Cyborg

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B10N1C feature

There is a growing movement in the 21st century with a single goal in mind – becoming a cyborg! This movement is known as biohacking, or in particular grinder. Biohacking is an umbrella term for all things which attempt to hack one’s biology, whether it be via diet, nootropic drugs, or cybernetics.

For grinders, cybernetic implants and advanced technology is their method of transcending their biological limitations. Incoming the B10N1C implant! The B10N1C is a multi-purpose implant that’s being designed by someone going by the name of The implant and its designs are being hosted by – a social networking hackerspace for hackers and biotech engineers to show off their designs and build a productive community.


Extant Philosophy: “We decide our own fate – Humans and Robots, alike.”

Extant discussing purpose-function

Julie Gelineau (human): “Okay, ‘Rabbit’, let’s fix you. They just grabbed your bike for no reason?”

Ethan Woods (child ‘bot): “I could’ve stopped them if I were stronger.”

Julie: “Don’t move and don’t be so hard on yourself. It was two against one.”

Ethan: “I should be stronger.”

Sweeper ‘bot: “Damage detected. Please contact the nearest maintenance facility at your earliest convenience.”

Ethan: “They were hurting the ‘bot.”


Extant Philosophy: Proactionary Principle vs. Precautionary Principle

Extant table discussion

Hideki Yasumoto: “The possibilities are limitless, no?”

Dr. John Woods: “Well, I’m not sure I’d say limitless…”

Yasumoto: “…but making sense of the independent activity in Ethan’s brain would be a huge step toward our understanding of human consciousness, right? Not to mention the potential path to immortality.”

Femi Dodd: “Immortality? I don’t understand.”

Mr. Woods: “I think Mr. Yasumoto is referring to the theory that, once the neural pathways are fully decoded, it would be possible to copy a human brain and upload it into a Humanich’s body.”

Yasumoto: “So it’s possible then?”


Exponential Finance: Living In A Virtual World

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High Fidelity's Virtual World

From June 10-11 in NYC, the Singularity University and CNBC partnered up to host Exponential Finance. Many top minds in the fields of STEM were present, and all were there for one purpose – to explain how exponentially growing technologies are impacting, and will impact, business. One speaker, in particular, looked beyond the physical scope of exponentially growing technologies and instead focused on a technology which allows people to escape their physical realities.

This speaker was Philip Rosedale, who is prominently known as the creator of über-popular online virtual world Second Life (SL). During his speech he talks about how he came to create SL, how SL impacted his conception of reality, and the projects he’s working on now that’ll bring the entire offline world into the online world.