Print the Legend: The Growing World of 3D-Printing

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Print the Legend

Print the Legend Synopsis

Print the Legend, the newest Netflix Original Documentary, is a story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. For the first time in history, the building of an industry and its inevitable social upheaval has been filmed. The result is Print the Legend, a documentary which chronicles the race to bring 3D printing to the forefront of society. It’s a compelling look at an industry in the midst of its “Macintosh Moment,” chronicling the infinite and unlimited potential of 3D printing… as well as the dark possibilities that could lie underneath.

The Netflix Original Documentary Print the Legend will be ready to be streamed on September 26.


Star Trek Philosophy: “We were like you once, but we evolved”

Star Trek ENT non corporeal

Commander T’Pol: “Where’s Commander Tucker?”

Wisp-Alien: “I’m here. Charles Tucker III.”

Captain Jonathan Archer: “Where’s the man that used to be Charles Tucker?”

Alien: “He’s exploring another realm…my realm. But he’ll be back.”

Captain: “I want him back now.”

Alien: “Please trust me. He’s experiencing things he never thought he could.”

Captain: “Where is he?”

Alien: “It’s not a question of “where.” He’s no longer corporeal. But he will be again, I assure you.”


Extant Philosophy: “We’re All Machines!”

Extant we're all machines

Julie Gelineau (human): “You okay? You seem really scared. What’s wrong, ‘Rabbit’?”

Ethan Woods (child ‘bot): “I know what you’re trying to do. I know my mom and dad want to shut me down.”

Julie: “Shut you down? Why would they want to do that?”

Ethan: “So that he can re-program me. So I’m like other kids.”

Julie: “No way, Ethan. No one wants to shut you down. Your parents love you. We all love you.”

Ethan: “But I’m a machine.”

Julie: “We’re all machines. I’m half motors, half muscles. Who cares what we are? If you can love something, then you can be loved. That’s how it works.”

(Extant s01e12 – “Before the Blood”)

Intel Wants You To Become A Cyborg!

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Intel Make It Wearable Feature

“Let’s change the world together. Wearable technology is taking the world into new realms, making technology personal and seamless to use. MAKE IT WEARABLE is a global initiative to inspire ideas and fuel innovation that will evolve personal computing in exciting new ways.” – Intel

Intel, the American multinational corporation, wants you to become a cyborg. In fact, they’re willing to help fund your project in becoming one! This all became a reality through Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest, which challenged groups of people to register, innovate, and change the world with wearable technologies that’ll transform the human condition. Welcome to the future!


The New Apple Watch Flirts With Bio-Computing

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Apple Watch header

The Apple live event is over and their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch have been revealed. Many blogs and news pages will be covering the phones and watch, top to bottom, in which case a need for us to do so similarly would appear pointless. Instead, as a futurist magazine, I feel it’s more prudent to instead look at its future applications. And what better way of doing so than by looking at their new sleek looking wearable – the Apple Watch!

“Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created.” – Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.


The Robot Cleaner War Has Begun!

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We’ve all come to know and enjoy Roomba by advanced technology company iRobot Corporation. With thousands of reviews online, both positive and negative, including those cute Youtube videos of our feline friends hopping a ride on top of one – iRobot’s Roomba has changed forever the way we clean our homes. Now comes the competition!

Say hello to our new cleaner ‘bot overlord – the Dyson 360 Eye!


H+ Poetry: Real Girl

real girl img

Dark night in a futurescape,
Only one room, no lights, with no escape.
The sound of ambience could be heard over
     the sound of the ambulance.
Real girl, you have me in your trance.
Tell me, is this fate?
I see the dim red light shining through your corset,
Recording in your forehead, the two of us on floor beds.
“It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing,”
     I said in whispers as you’re whirring.
“But does it matter who I’m wearing,”
     she replied, glowing all red.

Telepathy is Now a Thing Thanks to Technology

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Telepathy 3

Guess what, folks? Telepathy is now a thing! No, we didn’t discover the supposed “secret worlds” of telepaths; rather researchers at Harvard University and their colleagues in Spain and France have demonstrated the first ever – and, might I add, non-invasive – brain-to-brain communication between humans. This experiment was helped funded by the European Commission under their HIVE project (Hyper Interactivity Viability Experiments).

Four human subjects took part in the experiment. One was assigned to the brain-computer interface (BCI), where the messages would originate, and the other three were assigned to the computer-brain interface (CBI), in which they’d receive the messages being transmitted to them. From India to France, nearly 5,000 miles apart, the binary translations of “hola” and “ciao” were mentally transferred with great success.


Biohack Experiment: The Neil Harbisson Effect (Hearing, Rather Than Seeing, Colors)


Earlier today, on September 4, 2014, I decided to conduct a science experiment using items no more than $300. The experiment was done to replace the ability to see colors for the ability to hear colors. And yes, if you’re as deep into the worlds of science and technology as much as I am, then you’d know this was already achieved by UK cyborg citizen Neil Harbisson

Who is Neil Harbisson? Harbisson is, first and foremost, the first officially recognized cyborg in the world. Unfortunately, he was born with complete achromatopsia, which prevents him from seeing any colors other than those within the grayscale (shades of gray, with black and white). To help him transcend his condition, he engineered a cyborg antenna, known as the “Eyeborg,” and was able to convince an anonymous surgeon to surgically attach the antenna to the back of his head. 

As a result, this antenna helps translate color frequencies, which are nothing more than the frequencies of electromagnetic waves, into sound frequencies. These sound frequencies can then be heard via bone conduction – the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the skull. Where most people see the difference in colors, Harbisson instead hears the difference. Which is why I’ve labeled this experiment of mine as the “Neil Harbisson Effect.” 


Try On Wedding Dresses With New Augmented Reality App

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App weddingreality-icon 2

Despite the happiness and fun planning for your own wedding can be, sometimes it can be a real hassle. One of the biggest hassles being trying to find the right suit and dress to wear for your big day. It’s a monotonous task, which normally takes up a lot of time. What if you didn’t have to do this anymore, and instead relied on augmented reality to find the right dress for you from the convenience of your own home?

Thanks to newcomer app developer Wedding Reality, Inc., a new augmented reality app is now available which does just that. Say hello to the Wedding Dress Studio!