Travel In the Comfort of Your Room With TravelByDrone

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Drone Traveling feature

“We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still…” – Carl Sagan, Cosmos

No matter what method is at our disposal, our species are wanderers. Whether it was by foot, by horseback, by train, or by plane, traveling in great distances is a fundamental part of our human nature. But then there are times, for whatever reasons, in which we’re forced to not act on that natural instinct. Thanks to TravelByDrone, however, you’ll now be able to see the world from the comfort of your own room.


Yesteryear’s “Disabled” Are Today’s Augmented

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Disabled turns Abled

We – the human race – are engaging in a brave new world, beyond the limitations of flesh and biological organs. Indeed, as I’ve noted in previous articles, we are moving fast towards a Transhuman future. What does this entail? Simply put: we’re moving away from our biological substrate and gradually merging with that of machines. There’s no stopping it; it’s already in motion.

Elsewhere I’ve mentioned the amazing benefits this’ll provide for us, especially for those whom society have labeled “disabled” – to not only provide them with high-tech prosthetics to make them ‘abled’ again, but to provide them with the opportunity of becoming more than their own biology permits them. In other words, to become augmented!


How Will We Define Beauty In A Transhuman Future? (updated)

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Beauty Transhuman 1

‘Age before beauty’ is one of my favorite myths because I love to defy it.” – Natasha Vita-More, Transhuman Designer

What is “beauty”? Granted, it’s a subjective observation, but then there are two very strong opinions on the question – “natural” and “designed.”

What is “natural beauty”? It’s an interesting question because it intersects with that of an even larger question of what is natural and what is “unnatural,” most of which has been affecting the biotech industry as it continues having to deal with annoying anti-biotech activists who believe the industry to be “unnatural” – whatever that’s supposed to mean.


Credence: A Sci-Fi Future Meets LGBTQ+ Equality

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Credence feature

One of the most talked about existential risks to our planet among futurists, philosophers, and scientists is the very real prospect of climate change making Earth unfit for biological life to preside in. If this were to ever occur, how would we react? Would we lay down our arms, per se, and go down with our planet, or would we leave and try colonizing other potential planets to call our home?

An upcoming sci-fi film produced in the U.K., Credence, provides a story of which paints one possible scenario. This scenario involves the richest on the planet buying their children safe passage off it so that they can start over again, and perhaps learn from their parents’ mistakes. One girl and her two fathers, however, are stricken by this scenario, as the fathers not only have to inevitably say their goodbyes to their one and only daughter, but have to give up everything they possess on Earth to ensure their daughter’s one-way ticket.


Jibo: Your Family’s First Robotic Companion

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Mrs. Weston glanced at her husband for help, but he merely shuffled his feet morosely and did not withdraw his ardent stare from the heavens, so she bent to the task of consolation, “Why do you cry, Gloria? Robbie was only a machine, just a nasty old machine. He wasn’t alive at all.”

“He was not no machine!” screamed Gloria, fiercely and ungrammatically. “He was a person just like you and me and he was my friend. I want him back. Oh, Mamma, I want him back.” – Isaac Asimov, I, Robot, “Robbie”

As a child I remember waking up every morning before school and sitting down in front of the TV to watch my favorite shows. Those shows consisted of several different titles – Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, etc. One show in particular, however, caught my eyes the most: The Jetsons! The futuristic scenarios that were involved throughout the series were practically eye candy for my youthful mind, making me wonder, “When will I get my own Rosie? Or my own R.U.D.I.?”


Lose Weight and Look Younger With the Beauty Mirror

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Beauty Mirror feature

The year 2014 will be known as the year in which modern technology took the cosmetics industry by storm. In May, Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi had introduced the world her 3D makeup printer Mink, in which she demonstrated how the printer alone disrupts both price and time in the beauty market. In June I was able to speak with Dr. Parham Aarabi and talked about his company and their game changer app ModiFace, to which provides photo-realistic makeup simulations in real-time.

Today, however, the company ModiFace have developed and released a new player in the techno-cosmetics revolution – the Beauty Mirror app!


Extant Philosophy: “Machines will become human through human experience!”

Extant scene soul

Unnamed Yasumoto Corp Board Member: “There’s something, I’m sure, everyone here is curious about, but we’re all too polite or too embarrassed to ask.”

Dr. John Woods: “The robot uprising, am I right? What’s to stop the Humanichs from overthrowing us one day and enslaving their human overlords – is that the question?…Absolutely nothing.”

Unnamed: “How then would an owner control and manage their behavior?”

Woods: “It’s not a “master-slave” relationship. My partners and I believe, if we want machines to be more human, we have to give them the human experience. They have to learn like children learn. The Humanichs brain learns right from wrong, good from bad, the same way we all did for the most part.”

Unnamed: “What do you mean ‘for the most part’?”

Woods: “Oh there is no guarantee with any child because, in the end, they’re free to choose their own path.”


What’s All This Talk About “Cishumanism”?

UPDATE: This article has now been re-published on H+ Magazine.


A couple of  days ago, on Humanity+, author Dustin Ashley argued for what he called “Cishumanism” – a bridge, per se, between Transhumanism and Neo-Luddism. Ashley starts off his article with mention of the negative press Transhumanism tends to get by mainstream media. This is true, however I disagree that it’s the result of Transhumanists being too radical for the majority of people to embrace. Rather I find the people who see Transhumanism as something to fear as merely victims to a misunderstood media and fearmongering intellectuals, such as Francis Fukuyama.

I certainly agree that we need to broaden our means of delivering the Transhumanist “message,” if you will, as I’m sure most Transhumanists would also agree. But then only in doing so to address the misunderstanding mainstream media tends to invoke when talking about Transhumanism. Not to cater to every fear and lie made about it, which would only give off a false sense of equal weight of value in the neo-luddite mindset.


“Mind Melding” – Possible Biohacking Experiment

UPDATE: This article has now been officially re-published by India Future Society.


Whenever I watch sci-fi films, TV shows, etc., I always tend to over-think certain scenes or actions which catches my eye as being near unbelievable or unachievable. My thoughts go into how we can make them achievable, and thus believable to the mass populace. One in particular lately has been what is called a “mind meld” from the popular Star Trek series.

First off: is it believable? Well, under its current conditions of being a biological possibility, no. We can’t simply lay our hands on someone’s head and then link into their thoughts and/or memories. Not without assistance, at least. Which brings me to: is it achievable? To make something like this achievable, we’d first need to establish a link of sorts between two people Preferably a mind>hand>mind connection.


A Technological Rebellion Against Archaic “Right to Privacy”


I’m not an advocate of privacy; I’m an advocate of being open to the world. You’ve got to understand, I was born and grew up in the ’90s, which was during the internet revolution – the mainstreaming of email over snail mail, online search queries over sifting throughout libraries, etc. Cell phones were starting to become popular in the late ’90s because people wanted direct communication with their friends and loved ones.

The idea of going back during a time in which privacy was actually achievable isn’t an option for me. I refuse to live in a world where family had no idea where their loved ones were; in a world where we had to decide days, if not weeks, ahead of time to decide when to send a letter to whomever living out-of-state or out-of-country; in a world where the concept of a community was localized in small sections, and hardly ever adhered to diversity.