A Socialist Journey for a Transhumanist

I look to the near future and see so much potential. I study and learn open-mindedly, willing to hear out other opinions so long they’re reasonable and to the point. Modern science and technology have become the very tools to which anyone seeking to push positive fundamental change in the world needed. I grasped onto socialism, for it was the socialists throughout history who were there, on the frontlines, fighting for positive social and economic change. They strengthened our unions, fought for women’s voting and working rights, stood up against racist politicians, cops, and the Ku Klux Klan without fear, and made sure no working man or woman went home hungry. 

Where positive change occurred in the world, it was the socialists who made it happen. Organizing and fighting for the FUTURE, not the past. They stood against the dogmatic, reactionary ideologies of homo economicus, Luddism, Malthusianism, nihilism, and right-wing conservatism. We saw the Industrial Revolution as a means of uplifting the working wo/man. Not a new technology set out to destroy him or her. We understood that technology was a double-edged sword and for it to be used in our favor we had to wield it, not oppose it, ourselves.

Today, in the second decade of the 21st century – the technological era which is making every sci-fi dream and thought a reality – I stand proudly as a Transhumanist Socialist. I stand to carry forward what my fellow socialists did in the past. When Engels denounced Thomas Malthus for wanting to destroy developing countries’ poor populations, declaring Malthus wrong and that science will lead the way for the poor and create new resources for a growing planet. Lenin did the same with the rising neo-Malthusian movement. It was the socialists who fought for every new scientific advancement and technological improvement and declared them the right of the people to attain. Hell, we had scientists on our side, fighting for socialism! Einstein was a socialist and has declassified FBI files showing just how much he shook the U.S. govt to its core!

And yet, as a Transhumanist Socialist, each day I feel as if the socialist movement is losing its rebellious core, its materialist outlook, and scientific endeavor, more and more, becoming the very creatures they sworn to oppose. It’s no longer about uplifting the poor from poverty, or the worker having better wages to acquire all the great things modern science and technology can provide, or destroying the absurd ideologies of “increased population=less resources” and “technology under capitalism will always be bad, so let’s oppose it!” No. Many socialists today have resorted to simplicity. They oppose technologies outright and unconditionally, claiming they’re not anti-science, just anti-corporations. All while, of course, completely ignoring the science and simply opposing the corporation without any critical thought as to why other than it simply being a corporation.

They look at scientists fighting for age longevity and somehow picture them as evil scientists, hiding in dark laboratories, cackling ominously as they tinker with the building blocks of life. They oppose them and their beneficial science to the poor and instead denounce them under grounds that they’re somehow sending our planet to the slaughter with longer ages and increased populations (ignoring of course fertility rates). They see scientists with technological enhancements being attacked by Luddite thugs working in fast food chains, and they side with the thugs over the scientists, because, ‘hey, they’re poor working class people and the scientist isn’t, so I’m going to be a simplistic moron and ignore the science altogether.’

Each day I grow more weary of modern so-called socialists. They’ve become enemies to me in many ways. Really, they’ve declared me their enemy! I can no longer recognize so many socialists today as being the socialists who I studied and looked up to, who inspired me and made me all the more determined that positive change can occur so long I continue fighting for it. Technology has been declared modern day Frankenstein’s monster, and scientists as Frankenstein himself. Science is being ignored and replaced for idealistic emotions. And Transhumanism…..well it’s an exponentially growing movement surrounded by an ocean of diverse ideologies with a common goal to see Transhumanism halted and destroyed. Instead convincing themselves that maybe, just maybe, Luddite terrorists like Ted Kaczynski was right when he said technology was destroying “nature’s perfections” of the past.

I’m not ready to concede that socialism is a dying ideology of the past, failing miserably as it tries to keep up. I want to believe that socialism still has that spark which made it great for so many years and willing to drive forward positive social change coupled with modern science and technology. I still wish to consider myself a Transhumanist Socialist. But I’m growing tired of the bullshit. Sooner or later, if these so-called socialists (not all, but many) cannot come to grips with reality and take on the torch passed onto them by the great socialists before us, then one of the two will have to go. Transhumanism or socialism. My sight and aim is to the future, not the past. Sooner or later, modern day “socialists” will have one less “comrade” and one more enemy.

I do not fight for a flag, or color, or past ideal. I fight for the future, for the working class and poor, using science and technology as my tools…as my weapons…in getting the job done. If that enrages you, then so be it.

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