Birds, Leftists, and the Environment

Thanks to pseudo-animal rights activists and leftist environmentalists, wind turbines are being attacked left and right for their “negative” consequences to birds. Birds who apparently are too stupid to realize the spinning fans will potentially kill them if they get too close to it. 

The problem I have with these attacks is simply these activists’ hypocrisy. If they really cared about these birds, let alone the environment, they’d spend more time attacking windows than they would wind turbines. I hear the Black Bloc are available! Though, attacking windows is about as useless and counterproductive as attacking wind turbines.

Yes, wind turbines are known to kill 100,000-300,000 (let’s just say 300,000) birds annually. Though, nationwide, birds are apparently more attracted to windows when it comes to killing themselves – and by birds, I mean 100 million – 1 billion of them annually! Since I gave you the largest number from the turbines, I’ll use the largest number from the windows – 1 billion.

Hell, let’s forget windows for a second. What about the cats that we so adore – I especially love cats! – and let into our homes, not to mention let free to wander outside for hours on end? Well, according to the American Bird Conservancy, our little feline friends kill as many as 500 million birds annually! Where’s our animal rights activists and leftist environmentalists calling for the banning of cats??? Oh, that’s right, they’d then have to end one species to save another. And that’s just a big no-no to them! (Notice how they completely ignore our own species regarding alternative energies that could potentially fight back against climate change.)

So what exactly are we talking about here? How many birds are these activists really saving, all while disrupting positive alternative energy sources, in comparison to the ones they’re not saving from both windows and cats?

Birds from turbines in comparison to windows: 0.03%!

Birds from turbines in comparison to cats: 0.06%!

So congratulations to the both of you! You’re officially screwing over our own species – not to mention countless other animal species affected by climate change – all in order to hardly make a dent in the vast ways in how to kill a bird. What would we ever do without you!!?? *rolls eyes*


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2. Mother Jones.


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