Second Email Conversation with ScIAM Regarding ‘Human Intelligence Emulation’

UPDATE: First Email, Third Email

Sciam SolutionsSo another 24 hours has since passed and another email conversation has materialized with the mysterious software company ScIAM. Originally I referred to the company as Sciam Solutions, since that was how it was being labeled by the article I’d previously read. But, during our last conversation – which is with the company’s Managing Director Russell Swanborough – he’d informed me that they no longer go by the name Sciam Solutions, but rather ScIAM. So in respect with the company, that is how I will refer to them from now on.

Now instead of presenting two separate emails, writing them out to where they interlock with one another, I’ll simply skip all my praise in the beginning and excitement of what their company is supposedly working on, along with me informing him that I was publishing our conversations on this blog to help broaden awareness of his company and their work.

Simply put, I asked for more information. In the previous email conversation they’d mentioned a “foundation thinking” document. This was provided in the latest email and will be provided below in PDF format. Mr. Swanborough will also give some background info behind the “foundation thinking”.

So I highly recommend reading further with an open mind and to dedicate some time, when it’s available, to look over their document as well.

Here is ScIAM’s 2nd response via email:


Hello Mr Murphy

Thanks for the interest and comments.

I attach a copy of the foundation thinking document. It is primarily authored by my old friend Victor Serebriakoff (he was retired and had the time – I edited and provided content). He and I worked on HIE for twenty years until his death in 2000.

The document attached is, in a way, a review of our findings to that date.

I continued the work from then until now.

We had discovered the scientific theory of information that was critical to further progress (the brain runs on information and understanding information first was the highest priority – you would be amazed at how few people actually know what information IS See chapter 6 in the attached).

In 2006 I figured out the functional architecture of the brain and its underlying ‘circuitry’, so to speak, and from there it was just a matter of time until we had HIE demonstrable.

I see that you have published our email conversation and the overview document. I hope it will cause the desired reaction.

Over the last few weeks I have already been accused of heresy and investment hustling but I assure you that we have what I say we have and that we had plenty funding to get where we are. It was an expensive trip over nearly four decades.

I look forward to further colloquy.

Best regards

Russell Swanborough
Managing Director


The stated “foundation thinking” document as mentioned above is now provided in PDF format as a link below:

The Future of Life and Intelligence – Biological and Artificial

As you can see, some very useful information is provided in the email alone, and I promise so much more information is provided in the linked document above.

As a writer and futurist thinker, I can’t help but feel really excited in seeing what ScIAM has up their sleeves. Have they really fully developed ‘Human Intelligence Emulation’, or are they yanking our chain? Honestly, I want to believe they’re telling the truth.

Mr Swanborough seems like a really nice guy and passionate thinker. That, alone, is reason enough to have my respect. But are they really on the brink of pushing forward the Technological Singularity? I’d like to dig further into this via furthering email conversations. Stay tuned!


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  1. Ryan says:

    Enticing stuff. Let’s hope it’s real—there are still so many unsolved Sudoku puzzles in the world! Superintelligence and utopia would be nice, too.

  2. Here we are 6 months later after the supposed invention of human level AI (according to the lime tree blog) but no breakthroughs in 3D-printing, nanotech, medicine, or computing. Surely you would at least expect the ScIAM HIE to win Jeopardy!? I call BS on this. Look at Robot Adam, a narrow-AI (bioinformatics); Adam was able to quickly make a discovery humans could not make. Via IEET August 14th 2013 we were informed: “This intelligent software isn’t yet available to the general populace it would seem, but will in the next few months, along with an actual demonstration by the company itself. When exactly is not yet known.”

    So here we are almost a few months since the IEET article mentioning an unveiling, but there is a big silence. To be fair let’s give them until the end of November or even mid December but despite that being 7 months since the initial announcement and 4 months since the “few months” announcement via IEET I doubt their HIE will prove to be anything remotely resembling human-level AI.

    Would you have thought human-level AI would be so slow, unproductive, and uneventful?

    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      I agree that things are moving very slow. Though to their credit, their website is now finally up and running. I’ll be sure to email them again here soon to try and receive an update, if not an actual demonstration.

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