H+ Poetry: Re-Live/Re-Boot

Beautiful transcension of a benevolent light,
Displacing the forlorn figures of mortality’s blight
Into cyber-space, I’m out of sight
Declaring warfare against biology’s might
This is our time
We demand for more time
I know we can make it, this is our climb
This is not a crime,
It’s a struggle against the grime
Redesigning everything, a new paradigm
I’m not worn, I’m just worn out
Ready to re-live where I had doubts
Time to re-boot
Time to shout
Until this world hears what I’m talking about
There’s no going back, there’s only moving forward
Trying to transfigure every known disorder
I call order as we transcend borders
Never try and stop a creature when it’s in a corner
This is not Star Trek,
It’s not a phase
This is humankind redefining their ways
Better days are ahead of us,
But we got to fight back for the future, we must
Pixelated images of my thoughts,
Corresponding to the new life I wrought
I only sought to end global distraught
Soaring through time like a neo-cosmonaut


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  1. Yours is an interesting perspective. Are you at all concerned with the sheer bordom which could result from living forever? A little while back I wrote a poem, “Death is Dead” in which I explore immortality, https://newauthoronline.com/tag/death-is-dead/. Kevin

    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      Well, to a certain extent, perhaps. But then there’s so much of life to explore and experience, it would take me quite a long time to enter a state of boredom. So much on Earth yet to discover, and we haven’t even explored the rest of the universe.

      Of course, I also recognize that others might not be as interested in all of this as I am, and thus would grow bored much quicker than I would. Which is why, when I discuss indefinite life extension, I emphasize the importance of this being a choice for each individual. Each individual should have the choice for how long they wish to live, when they wish to die, how they want to die, etc.

      I stay away from the term “immortality,” because it conveys an authoritarian hold over an individual’s mortality. To be incapable of dying would be just as bad as being incapable of remaining alive. So, instead of arguing for “immortality,” I argue for indefinite life extension as an expansion upon Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s contribution to the conversation around physician-assisted suicide.

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