ARKYD-100 Space Telescope Funded, $505 K added – Open Source Space is a go!

The following statement below was originally published by Chris Lewicki, President of Planetary Resources, using Kickstarter

Thanks to you: The ARKYD and ASTEROID ZOO are GO!

We are absolutely moved beyond words to be starting this journey with you. ARKYD is now one of the TOP 25 Kickstarters of all time. Many doubted that a space kickstarter could succeed at this level. YOU have shown that together we can make space exploration something you actively join, not merely passively watch. We are humbled and honored to bring this community together.

If you missed it, or to re-live the moment, view our four-hour finale here (Trivia with Bill Nye, Tesla cannon wounds, dunks in the dunk tank, and all):

What Happens Now?

We take you with us, all the way to orbit.
The actual voyage to the stars (and the real hard work) continues. Our team is making swift progress building our test spacecraft A3 and the ARKYD. We are also bringing together all the science centers, research institutions, and schools in the new ARKYD network to define the best research and education paths forward. We’re here to support you and continue spreading the inspiration with you. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page.

Pledge Funding
You should have received an email from Kickstarter saying we’re funded! If there were issues processing your payment, you have one week to fix them for your pledge to go through. More details on Kickstarter’s FAQ.

Once we’ve finalized pledge funding and organized our backer database, we’ll start sending out surveys so we can get you rewards and recognition for a job done historically well! Given the nature of the ARKYD project, that’s going to take some time, so we appreciate your patience! Don’t worry! We’ll let you know as soon as the time comes.

Missed the Campaign?
The Campaign is over, but many of you have asked for another chance at the rewards, so we’re considering offering a limit set of rewards to choose from. If you or someone you know missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, but would still like to pledge, simply visit: and follow the instructions.

We can’t fully express how grateful we are for the support we’ve received over the last month. To be able to make the ARKYD a reality is truly a world-changing, dream come true — and it’s all because of YOUR support. We look forward to continuing this amazing adventure with all of you!

Thanks for helping invent the future with us!

— Chris and The ARKYD Team




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