H+ Poetry: Optimism

Optimism is not for the faint-hearted;
Optimism is a reservoir of complexity,
In which elopes, per se, with one’s elan to see a light
      at the end of a tunnel.
It’s not only unfortunate that we reside in a world flooded with fear and pain,
It is also unfortunate that we are biologically forced to fear
      in some way via the amygdala,
Furthering the likelihood of developing pessimism.
Thus making optimism all the more revolutionary.

To enact your joie de vivre during a state of socio-economic peril,
It is equivalent to enacting rebellion against death itself –
A perpetual motion of smashing at the tunnel until
      a crack of light reveals itself.
Life is worth living for;
Life is worth fighting for;
And unfortunately,
Given our current state of myriad ironies,
Life is worth dying for.
Until then, though, I refuse to revel death, as if it’s my only option.


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