Doctor Who fans suck at both math and linguistics!

Apparently Doctor Who fans are terrible at both math and differentiating two distinct terms from one another. The terms being: Regeneration and Incarnation.

Regeneration | (n.) riˌjenəˈrāSHən

  • “The action or process of regenerating or being regenerated.”

Incarnation | (n.) inkärˈnāSHən

  • “A person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit, or abstract quality.”

Recently, Matt Smith had retired from his position as the 11th Doctor incarnation. Thus leaving room for Peter Capaldi to take on the role as the 12th incarnation during the November 50th Anniversary special.

Now a lot of fans are flipping out because in the original Doctor Who series it was revealed that the Doctor can only regenerate 12 times (supposedly!). And so we’re witnessing several news articles going into whether or not Peter Capaldi will be the last Doctor. They all agree that it’s a very likely ‘No!’ and the producers will push a loophole somewhere to keep Doctor Who – a very profitable and entertaining sci-fi series – running past the 12th incarnation. Though their reasoning is quite irrelevant and unnecessary.

I say this because, even if the producers do adhere to a loophole to keep the Doctor Who series running, Peter Capaldi is still not the last Doctor. He’s the 12th incarnation, yes, but then to reach the 12th incarnation, the Doctor has to first regenerate 11 times, not 12. Meaning, there’s one more Doctor to go after Capaldi for the supposed 12-regeneration-time-limit is up.

The Doctor would be so upset at all you supposedly Doctor Who fanatics for your ignorance.

UPDATE: It appears that, after watching the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor and the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, the producers of Doctor Who made fools out of us all! While many were wrongly correlating regeneration with incarnation, there were others, like myself, who were left scratching their heads when it was revealed there was a secret Doctor incarnate between the 8th and 9th Doctors Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, called the War Doctor, starred by John Hurt.

Knowing this, this technically then means that, while McGann is able to keep his title as the 8th Doctor, Eccleston however is now promoted as the 10th Doctor, Tennant the 11th, Smith the 12th, and now Capaldi as the 13th Doctor. I love all the twists and surprises – it’s what makes Doctor Who so enjoyable – but nonetheless, Goddamn you, Steven Moffat! 

UPDATE #2: GOD-MUTHA-FUCKING-DAMMIT, Moffat!Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat confirms Matt Smith is Thirteenth Doctor, with regeneration riddle tackled during Christmas special


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pantz says:

    Timelords have 12 regenerations but 13 lives in total, so William Hartnell played the original life and then there’s 12 lives thereafter.

    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      Indeed. Making Peter Capaldi the 11th life after William Hartnell. There’s one more after him. Even then, there’ll likely be a loophole established. Ending the Doctor Who series would be tragic in itself!

  2. Brandi says:

    I don’t care if all them got booted up on number. Tennant will always be my perfect ten<3

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