“Our reality may be very much like theirs…just an elaborate simulation.”

Commander William Riker: “How did you do it, sir?”

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: “We managed to program the holodeck inside the holodeck and used the same ruse that Moriarty used on us.”

Lt Cdr Data: “When he was attempting to contact the real bridge he was, in fact, speaking to a simulation.”

Commander Deanna Troi: “You mean, he never knew he hadn’t left the holodeck?”

Picard: “In fact, the program is continuing to run even now, inside that cube.”

Commander Beverly Crusher: “A miniature holodeck?”

Data: “In a way, Doctor. However there is no physicality. The program is continuous, but only within the computer circuitry.”

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay: “As far as Moriarty and the Countess know, they’re halfway to Meles II by now. This enhancement module contains enough active memory to provide them with experiences for a lifetime.”

Picard: “They will live their lives and never know any difference.”

Troi: “In a sense, you did give Moriarty what he wanted.”

Picard: “In a sense, but who knows? Our reality may be very much like theirs and all this might just be an elaborate simulation, running inside a little device sitting on someone’s table.”

(Star Trek: TNG s06e12 – “Ship in a Bottle”)


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