A Star Trek future is nonexistent without a United Federation of Planets!

It’s hard not to notice the path we’re taking on this exponential journey towards a Star Trek future. With the Scandu Scout tricorder, iPads, Skype, cell phones, Google Glass, 3D Printers, etc. etc., it’s quite clear that we may not have to wait until the 24th century to enjoy the luxuries those on board the Enterprise had enjoyed. And yet, without the philosophical and social ideals in which held it all together in peace and unity – the United Federation of Planets – there’s no telling what those technologies would be used for.

And so I feel that it’s important we begin talks on developing such a system, especially once the Mars One colonization initiative continues pressing ahead. Once we colonize Mars, should we then initiate the first ever United Federation of Planets Earth & Mars?

(Photo by: B.J. Murphy)


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