Jacob Barnett: “Stop learning. Start thinking!”

Earlier tonight I was introduced online to a very young, very intelligent kid – Jacob Barnett. Today he is 15 years old with a higher I.Q. than Albert Einstein – somewhere between 171-189. He’s currently attending the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. It’s a shame that I’ve just now discovered him, but even then I came away tonight inspired to not just learn more, but to start thinking more!

During a TedXTeen 2012 event, Jacob had given an inspirational speech, arguing in favor for everyone to abandon the archaic ideal to learn as much as possible and to instead replace it with thinking. In doing so, he “theorizes” (I know, wrong terminology. Sue me.) that you’ll begin opening yourself to a vast array of possibilities and creativity. The video is provided below, though I will warn you that he’s quite hyper (did I mention he has Asperger Syndrome?)

Despite being a bit frightened from his very loud shrieks, I couldn’t help but smile and be absolutely amazed at both his intellect and tenacity. He truly did inspire me. He has such love and passion for the world of science. A facet that I feel is much needed for youth of his age today.

A friend that I shared this video with had a made a humorous comment regarding Jacob (paraphrasing here): “He’s like Sheldon Cooper without being a condescending asshole.” LOL! I agree. Sheldon Cooper is awesome. Jacob Barnett is better!

I’d love to write more about this kid, but it’s already nearly 3:30 a.m. (EST) here. So I’ll instead leave below several links that’ll help further your knowledge on him and hopefully answer any questions you may attain.


Jacob Barnett’s Homepage

Extension of Jacob’s Homepage

Jacob’s Barnett’s Facebook Page

CTV News article on Jacob Barnett’s life story

Kristine Barnett’s (Jacob’s Mother) book publication, The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius


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