Thank the Cosmos for Modern Day Drugs and Medical Devices!

So, um, yeah. Would it be wrong of me to argue the possibility that women – while most assuredly still very strong – were a hell of a lot stronger back in 1783-onward than they are today?

The reason I argue this is simple: symphysiotomy! This was a very early medical practice where physicians would divide the cartilage of the pubic symphysis by using a chainsaw in order to widen the pelvis to ensure a successful childbirth that was having complications beforehand. Today we aren’t as barbaric in performing caesarean sections. For instance, we don’t use chainsaws. lol Then again, when I say chainsaw, I’m not talking about the very large, motorized saws we know of today used for trees. No, the first ever chainsaw was invented in 1783 by John Aitken and James Jeffray, and it was a hand saw with a fine serrated link chain which would cut on the concave side.

So, really, imagine a doctor with a hand saw, sawing away at your pelvis…Oh, and by the way, there were no pain meds, nor any anesthesia at the time either. Yeah. It should also be noted that, where our techniques today are far more efficient, and women are in full access to the best pain meds in the world, we have far fewer children today than ever before in history. Meaning, women during the late 1700s-1800s, despite how much traumatizing pain they’d have to experience, had MUCH more children then than they do today. Hell, according to fertility rates, women had more than double the amount of children in the mid 1900s than they do today! ( Imagine the 1700s!

Eventually we stopped using the hand saw for symphysiotomy after the Second Industrial Revolution decided to innovate things a bit. Though, I must say, the device used is still quite terrifying and, luckily for all you women, is no longer used either. The device was called a osteotome, invented in 1830 by Bernhard Heine. The picture provided below is of the device.

This is why I argue women then were probably a lot stronger than they are today. The threshold of pain then must’ve been extraordinary! Today, despite all the bad ass pain meds and easier techniques in having a baby, women are at the point of, “Fuck that! My family lineage dies with me!” haha And trust me, this isn’t a shot against women, because, speaking for all men whether they’d admit it or not, we’d abort long before you get a chainsaw anywhere near us in that general direction. lol Just saying.


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