Ass or Mouth, my dear phylum?

The dichotomy between the people and politicians, I believe, could be sufficiently symbolized with the subsequent dichotomy between protostomes and deuterostomes – both of which a phylum of specific animals. To understand, no animal is neither protostome nor deuterostome. They’re either or. A protostome is a monophylum of animals in which their embryos begin development from the mouth and make their way to their anuses. A deuterostome, however, is quite the opposite – their embryos begin development from their anus and make their way to the mouth.

So in this symbolic correlation, the people would be considered the protostome, because we start our means of living by our mouths – we speak up against the powers that be. Politicians, however, would be considered the deuterostome, because…well…they’re just a bunch of assholes. Seems fitting, honestly. They started as an asshole, and so remains an asshole.

Though of course, jokes aside, all human beings – whether they be the everyday layperson to politicians – are in fact deuterostomes. At the embryo stage, we all start from the anus and make our way to our mouths.

In other words, we are a species who, not long after conception, naturally go ass to mouth. That’s a win for Randal! ^_^


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