“So, because he’s a hologram, he doesn’t have to be treated with respect?”

Medical Assistant Kes: “If there were a member of the crew whose needs weren’t being met, would you want to know about it?”

Captain Kathryn Janeway: “Of course. Kes, do you and Neelix feel that your needs are being ignored?”

Kes: “Of course not. We’re very happy here. I’m referring to the Doctor.”

Janeway: “The Doctor.”

Kes: “I don’t understand why people treat him the way they do.”

Janeway: “How do people treat him?”

Kes: “As though he doesn’t exist. They talk about him while he’s standing right there. They ignore him, they insult him.”

Janeway: “Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve been hearing the other side of the coin. Many of the crew have complained that the Doctor is brusque, even rude – that he lacks any bedside manner. We’ve been talking about reprogramming him.”

Kes: “You can do that? It doesn’t seem right.”

Janeway: “Kes, he’s only a hologram.”

Kes: “He’s your medical officer. He’s alive.”

Janeway: “No, he’s not.”

Kes: “He’s self-aware, he’s communicative. He has the ability to learn.”

Janeway: “Because he’s been programmed to do that.”

Kes: “So, because he’s a hologram, he doesn’t have to be treated with respect or any consideration at all?”

Janeway: “Very well. I’ll look into it.”

Kes: “Thank you, Captain.”

(Star Trek: Voyager s01e06 – “Eye of the Needle”)


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