Almost Human philosophy: “Where does a robot go when it dies?”

14min05secs into the show.

Dorian (android/cop): “You were surprisingly good with that kid back there, John. Even though you had to bribe him with a [toy] giraffe.”

John Kennex (human/cop): “Thanks.”

Dorian: “Do you think his mother is still alive?”

John: “I hope so. Every hour she’s gone diminishes the chance of us finding her alive.”

Dorian: “What do you tell a small child when someone dies? I’ve never considered that – what you would tell a small child.”

John: “You’d say the same thing you would say to an adult.”

Dorian: “What do they say?”

John: “You tell them that the person that died has gone to a better place.”

Dorian: “Why would anyone say that when there’s no way to really know where living things go when they stop living?”

John: “It’s designed to give hope, comfort, to ease the pain. People believe it because they need to.”

39min50secs into the show.

Vanessa (gynoid/sex bot): *about to be deactivated* “Where am I going?”

Dorian: *clearly sad, thinking over his answer* “…to a better place.”

Vanessa: “Will you be there?”

Dorian: *as he reluctantly watches the light fade from her eyes* “I will remember you..”

(Almost Human s01e02 – “Skin”)


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