Almost Human philosophy: “A robot’s sentience is only understood by how you care for it.”

Captain Alexio Barros (cop/drug kingpin): “So I’ve had more than a dozen cooks trying to perfect the ‘Bends.’ You’ve come closer than anyone.”

Rudy Lom (technician): *struggles at first* “..It’s about passion…passion in your work. It’s science, yes, but it’s also an art. Ingredients are ingredients, but if you go quiet and you just listen, they start to talk back to you. And they tell you what they need and the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

*Rudy continues* “Take your robot, for instance: So many disparate ideas and concepts – they all need to come together. But if you approach your work with reverence and pour your very soul into it, it starts to get a life of its own. And dare I say, you can grow very fond of that creation.”

(Almost Human s01e04 – “The Bends”)


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