Quick Mental Note: Is Google Becoming Transhuman?

Google’s connected millions and millions of people around the world together in a such a unique way with its search engine, and is subsequently building up said engine to become more interconnected with each individual. It’s made headlines this last year with their latest product Google Glass, helping pave the way towards wearable computing – which will eventually result in bio-computing here soon. It recently revealed a new subcompany they’ve put together called Calico, which will be conducting research in order to tackle aging and age-related illnesses. And now Google officially owns 8 different robot companies, the most recent being Boston Dynamics – home of the Atlas ‘bot, cheetah ‘bot, and BigDog.

I could also include the fact that Ray Kurzweil is helping them lead the way in artificial intelligence and language programming, but even without mentioning Kurzweil, how is Google not becoming one of the most powerful Transhuman companies in the world?


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  1. I think you’re definitely on to something B.J. I can’t think of a more well-rounded transhuman company than Google.

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