Possible Implications to ‘Dream State Sentience’?

As ‘Dream Engineering’ becomes more a reality – the ability to download, watch, and even potentially alter and create new dreams – and as we reach the point of reverse-engineering the brain, thus able to engineer consciousness itself, will we then be able to engineer what I call ‘Dream State Sentience’?

And if so, what exactly would this mean to the concepts of self, self-expression, and self-embodiment? A friend of mine published an article which goes into the poly-self (http://bit.ly/1hlBdOC), but then, while a ‘Dream State Sentience’ would be equivalent to a poly-self, how would this affect your current self? If you’re able to embody a separate sentient being – essentially a duplicate you – altogether in a dream of which you’ve designed, would this affect the second ‘Dream State Sentience’ and to what degree – would we consider it slavery to be in control of our dreams that attain engineered sentient life?


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