FM 2030: The Future of Democracy

The following videos below were brought to my attention via email, asking me to share them on my blog. I’ve gladly conceded to their wishes – a must watch!


The audio in this archive file was compiled from a 1984 meeting of futurists, transhumanists & progressives. The main topic of the meeting was the most appropriate ways to engage or advance these philosophies within government. For example, one significant point of discussion centered around whether running for office was an effective way to drive change.

The excerpts in this archive file collect many of futurist FM-2030’s thoughts over the course of the discussion.

For more information about FM-2030:

For more videos by Galactic Public Archives:


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  1. Mark Plus says:

    The neo-reactionaries have published some interesting arguments about how “the future” could see the rollback of the Enlightenment’s social and political philosophy and the restoration of traditional, aristocratic and monarchic political systems. Interestingly enough, many science fiction writers have crafted stories set in “The future” which show pre-Enlightenment political models combined with advanced technologies, including interstellar travel.

    In other words, today’s advanced thinkers about “the future” have bypassed FM with his infatuation with the failing concept of democracy. FM might have postulated “living forever” as a feasible transhumanist goal, but he didn’t question what that could mean to all the things we took for granted in the 20th Century, just to the things that bothered him about his biological limitations. In the coming centuries, humanity could come around again to seeing monarchy as the common-sense way to run a political order just through a random walk.

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