Programming Is A Real Language, Goddammit!

I hate how Facebook doesn’t allow you to include Programming as an official language you know. Anyone who truly believes that Programming isn’t as much of a language as English, French, Spanish, etc. are, then clearly they’re completely oblivious to the world they now live in.

News flash: computers control almost everything today! When I was a small child, possibly 4 or 5, I was given my first computer. I was born around the time of the internet revolution, but then we had to deal with dial-up at the time. With it being so damn slow, and completely non-functional when someone was on the phone, I spent my time playing around with the Command Prompt, teaching myself how to code my way into anything I needed on the computer. That was my first taste of Programming language.

By the time I started taking computer classes in elementary school, I was also reading magazines on how the futurists saw what was coming in the near future. I told myself then that, soon enough, computers will control everything. How then will I be able to control my life if I’m unable to code? That’s when I promised myself I’d take as many computer courses as possible while I was in school. I maintained that from elementary to college. That was my philosophy. It remains my philosophy.

Today we’re nearly there, where computers control everything. We rely on Programming to help us control our industries and to keep people alive. If you truly believe that the machines keeping you alive in hospitals don’t have any Programming to them, then it’s best you start learning more about modern day medical technology. Soon enough, in the next decade, we’ll witness the rise of nanobots – small robots at the nanoscale, injected into our bloodstream, regulating your body and protecting you from harmful cells. These nanobots will be adhering to strict Programming.

Hell, we’re now engineering devices which are programmed to achieve 95-100% correct translations of other languages! Programming has become a language which not only connects and provides a means of communication between certain groups of people, it also helps keep our economy afloat, helps keep people living longer, and helps build bridges, per se, over the barriers of international foreign languages.

Programming is an official language, +much, much more!


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  1. Mark Waser says:

    First, I’d argue that programming is a verb, not a noun. Second, there are many flavors of computerese — which are certainly more widely separated than similar languages like French, Spanish and Italian (procedural, declarative, horn-clause resolution, etc.). Third, Lojban didn’t make it either (although Lord Rama did for some reason . . . . ). Finally, you seriously take your cues from Facebook? Really? :D

    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      1. A Programming language is most certainly a noun, but is also used as a verb depending on how it’s being verbally pronounced. Programming a website is most certainly using ‘programming’ as a verb, but when asked what the formal language is to a computer, one would respond by saying ‘programming language’. In which case, that is a noun. ;)

      2. I don’t see how noting that programming is far more complex as other languages could then be interpreted as not being an official language in itself. I would argue that each language has its own flavor of complexity. English is nowhere near as complex as Mandarin, just as I would argue Sign is nowhere near as complex as English. Hell, people can learn how to code faster than they could Mandarin, I would argue.

      3. Facebook is my primitive artificial brain. I’ve gotta give it some shout out every now and then. haha

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