Introduction to Amit Singhal (at Google)

The following post below was shared and written by Ellen Bloss, who is affiliated with Galactic Public Archives:

Growing up in 1970s India, Amit Singhal dreamed of the day his favorite TV show’s conversational computer – Star Trek’s LCARS – became a reality. The theme of hyper-intelligent AI comes up often in pop culture – Blade Runner and Spike Jonze’s Her are two big examples. In Her, Joaquin Phoenix and his computer’s relationship makes sense because of the computer’s human-like qualities – “her” ability to hold a full conversation with him lets the two characters fully communicate, understand and come to love each other. While most people aren’t about to fall in love with their OS, the film’s premise is conceivable to us because we have initial versions of such AI available now. And people like Amit Singhal are constantly improving the state of AI. In his 13 years at Google Search, Amit has been working towards making the idea of a truly conversational computer a reality. In this video, Amit discusses how his love of science fiction spurred his interest in AI technology.

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