Black Holes Still Exist, Just Not In How We Previously Understood Them…Maybe.

Click above to read Stephen Hawking's paper on Black Holes and their Apparent Horizons.
Click above to read Stephen Hawking’s paper on Black Holes and their Apparent Horizons.

Note to self: Whenever you see something incredibly stupid online, press PRT SC button on keyboard to save it as a file. It’ll likely not be there the next morning. That’s what happened on Twitter last night and this morning, getting ready to go to bed when I notice some religious nut attacking Stephen Hawking because of his recent discovery regarding black holes, only to then find it deleted this morning. 

The Tweet essentially stated that Stephen Hawking is a brain-dead moron who can’t make up his mind. What was so hilariously ignorant about the Tweet, however, was the fact that s/he thought Stephen Hawking literally meant “black holes don’t actually exist,” apparently only reading the equally ignorant titles of articles rather than the article’s content itself. Given Twitter’s short posts, the Tweet wasn’t grammatically perfect, but it did essentially say,

“Black holes don’t exist? WTF? Does this brain dead idiot not know there’s a black hole in the center of our galaxy!? Hawking: 0 God: 1 #checkmateatheists”

LOL Not exactly something you wish to fall asleep to, but it certainly did give me the giggles.  What this Twit (you get it? you got it? no? okay) doesn’t seem to understand here is the fact that Stephen Hawking isn’t claiming that black holes, in general, don’t exist, but rather black holes in how we currently see them don’t exist. According to Stephen Hawking’s discovery, if proven correct, black holes don’t actually attain an event horizon, but rather an apparent horizon – in other words, instead of capturing celestial objects and ripping them to shreds, they capture celestial objects, mangles them a bit, and then spits them back out.

To then believe that Stephen Hawking is claiming black holes don’t exist is asinine. It’s equivalent to someone believing that Galileo Galilei claimed the sun didn’t exist because he discovered that the sun, as people knew it then, didn’t actually exist – that is, the sun wasn’t an object which revolves around the Earth, but rather the sun was actually the center of our solar system and the Earth revolved around it. The sun still existed, just as black holes still exist today, but not in the sense of previously understood models.

Get it? Got it? Good. (Not god.)


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