Conservatives and Coca-Cola Aren’t Getting Along!?

You’d think that Conservative politicians and the corporate industry Coca-Cola would get along quite nicely, given the corporation’s position on union organizing in foreign countries. Then again, when Coca-Cola pushes a commercial – albeit one that is quite beautiful – which promotes the vast diversity of our country instead of the English-speaking-white-man image, Conservatives, I suppose, can’t help themselves but to reveal their inner racist bigotry.

Understand, however, that Coca-Cola is not a friend to progressive politics. Sure, its commercial promoted a viewpoint long time coming, about why neither being white nor speaking English is the core of American culture. But when it comes to union organizing – something all progressive leftists stand up in solidarity with – the corporation has a very violent means of addressing this type of issue. And by violent, I do mean that in a literal sense.

  1. Torture;
  2. Murder;
  3. Slavery; including
  4. Child labor;
  5. Low wages;
  6. High working hours; and
  7. Terrible working conditions

Campaigns in opposition to Coca-Cola’s violent and murderous attacks against union organizers can be found in Colombia, Guatemala, India, China, Turkey, Mexico, and El Salvador, in which can be found cases of Coca-Cola factory workers suffering low wages, high working hours, and terrible working conditions. And when workers decide to fight back against these slave-labor conditions by organizing unionization, Coca-Cola responds by hiring death squads to kidnap, torture, and kill anyone who opposes Coca-Cola factory status quo.

And yet Conservatives are upset with Coca-Cola because it decided to not upset leftists in the U.S. by projecting an image of diversity and unity? Surely actions speak louder than words. Then again, I don’t believe Conservatives can help themselves. No matter how many workers are killed for standing up to the powers that be, so long there’s even a hint of progressive politics anywhere within the pro-capitalist corporate industries, you’ll find a bigoted Conservative politician crying and complaining because it’s not the America they believe in.

To Coca-Cola: I support diversity and unity, just as your ad promoted during the 2014 Superbowl. But I also support the working class and their right to form unions. Until your actions become in-sync with your words, don’t expect many progressive Americans to stop what they’re doing and defend you against a pocketed section of racist Conservatives.

To progressive leftists: You might’ve cried a bit by the beauty of Coca-Cola’s ad during the Superbowl. It was, most definitely, beautiful in every sense of the word. However, you’re not the only ones crying. Somewhere, past the borders of the U.S., there are workers crying out to the world, saying:

“If we lose this fight against Coke,
First we will lose our union,
Next we will lose our jobs,
And then we will all lose our lives!”

Become aware, Become organized!


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