Portuguese Man O’ War: “Resistance Is Futile!”

As a Transhumanist who advocates cyborgism, it becomes a natural way of life essentially to hear someone mention the evil Star Trek nemesis known as the Borg. That is, of course, they fear that people becoming cyborgs would then automatically turn them into a collective unit of interlinked robots who can’t survive individually without the collective whole. While I find this cyborg-phobia absurd, I would argue that they’re a bit too late in their fears, because the Borg already exist, per se, though not cybernetically, but biologically!

The picture shown above is of what is known as a Portuguese man o’ war. Many would mistake this amazing creature as a jellyfish, when in fact it’s not. Many would also mistake this as being a single organism, when in fact it’s not. In all actuality, this cnidarian siphonophorae is what is known as a colonial organism! In other words, it’s made up of several very small organisms, known as zooids, which attach to one another and become so physiologically integrated that any detachment from their collective whole would almost certainly result in death.

For more information on this beautiful creature: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_man_o’_war


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