“Dream State Sentience” According To Ancient Mythology

According to ancient mythology of the Australian Aborigine, there existed two different worlds – the dream world and the waking world. Even more, the waking world was originally devised by living beings within the dream world. They called this “Dreamtime,” or simply “The Dreaming.” One of their most important deities was Altjira – the god of Dreamtime. Allegedly this God then retired soon thereafter into the sky, becoming a sky God, per se.

Either way, this Altjira existed within the realm of Dreamtime and created Earth, alongside everything that presided within it. Only to then retire into the sky. Sounds somewhat familiar, doesn’t it? Christian mythology claiming God created the Earth in 6 days and then retires into the Heavens? Understand that Aboriginal Australian mythology predates Christianity by several centuries.

The picture provided here is of original artwork discovered long ago, depicting a stencil art recreation of Dreamtime, with the living beings within trying to reach for deceased life within the waking world. I find this myth quite fascinating, especially as I continue my studies and writings on what I’ve come to term “Dream State Sentience.”


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