Sci-Fi Short Series: Uploaded Transmission (Part 1)

My following sci-fi short story below was exclusively published on SERIOUS WONDER:


“It felt like I was falling into an abyss,” said Jaren Summers. “No stars; no planets; nothingness. A void etched into the very fabric of my mind. What’s worse…was the silence.”

The crew psychologist, Dr. Harry Boyd, stared for a moment, trying to determine the best approach to a very delicate situation. “You’d fallen into a previously-unknown cavern,” said Dr. Boyd, “on the east side of a planet we still know very little about. You can’t blame yourself.”

Staring motionless into the head-mounted ETD, Jaren, a beautiful Xicana woman with short black hair, kept thinking back at what happened.

Click Here To Read the Rest.


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