Sci-Fi Short Series: Uploaded Transmission (Part 2)

My following sci-fi short story below was exclusively published on SERIOUS WONDER:


On the Intergalactic Space Station, there is no such thing as night or day – only the cold; only darkness. To conserve energy, given their distance from the closest sun, the crew has to maintain limited station activity at all times, especially when most the crew is asleep. For Dr. Harry Boyd, however, it is the only time he can acquire answers to questions Captain “Rex” Mitchell would rather keep in the dark.

“There must be something else you can remember,” pleaded Dr. Boyd under his breath, ensuring none of the crew awakens to his nefarious Q&As.

A faint, blue light outlining a human head stares for a moment with a blank expression on its face. That face was of the now-deceased crewman Jaren Summers – an uploaded, sentient avatar of the hot-headed Xicana astroarchaeologist. “Tell me, Dr. Boyd…how can I be dead when I feel so alive?”

Click Here to Read the Rest.


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