Ending Hunger With Cybernated Farms

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:


While the war on hunger is certainly succeeding, resulting in a 17 percent drop since 1990 according to the United Nations World Food Programme, there are still 840+ million people around the world who remain malnourished. In developed nations, problems of overeating and wasting are the most of peoples’ worries, but in developing, impoverished nations their reality is quite the contrary. To address this serious problem, Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) are looking to the future of agriculture for help.

Calling it a new agricultural paradigm, CFS are seeking to develop highly automated aquaponic farm facilities. It’ll use clean energy as their means of maintaining self-sustaining independence and will require as minimal human intervention as possible. Producing high yields of crop, the plan for this project is to remain decentralized and available to impoverished regions throughout the world.

“It’s not rocket science. By combining aquaponics, cybernetics and clean energy sources, we can produce food locally for those that need it, in any environment, using a sustainable and efficient system.” – Douglas Mallette, CEO of CFS


CFS lives by a certain philosophy known as Sustainability Plus (SUS+), which believes in doing no harm to the environment and giving back to it. The automated aquaponic farm facilities wouldn’t just grow high yields of crops, but they are designed for a number of other reasons: cleaning polluted waters, composting, and free surplus energy.

Using Thunderclap as its crowd-speaking platform, CFS have called on for supporters of this new agricultural paradigm and to spread the word far and wide. As of writing this the CFS have already achieved their goal by 306%, with 10 days left in their campaign. With growing awareness and popularity in decentralized food growing, and with an ever increasing interconnectivity between people throughout the world, it’s only a matter of time before this paradigm shift in agriculture is achieved.

“This is the age of social networking and the uninhibited flow of knowledge and ideas. And you know what…CFS would love to have millions of groupies.” – Douglas Mallette



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