dataSTICKIES and the Future of Data Storage and Entry


USB sticky notes – also known as dataSTICKIES – are wonderfully fascinating insofar that they completely redefine both data storage and data entry. Soon we won’t need to stick a USB into a port on the side of a laptop or wherever. Rather you’ll simply place the sticky note around your monitor and it’ll automatically transfer your data over.

Now imagine modified dataSTICKIES that’ll transfer more than just music files and docs, but memories, dreams, and thoughts! Imagine not just the ability to transfer said data by sticking it around a monitor, but by sticking the e-notes on someone’s forehead? When someone has a wireless implant connected to their brain, those notes could become very powerful.

Many will see great potential in this idea. Others will see dystopia. For me, I’m more of an optimist. But then, I also believe these dataSTICKIES will be used for some very elaborate bullying as well. For pure humor, I picture young bullies sneaking behind their latest victim and sticking one of the modified notes on their forehead. From there the victim is then submerged into a subconscious state of terror, having to endure a programmed nightmare unwillingly transferred into their implant. As the victim is going crazy, children around him/her stand in both confusion and hilarity.

Fret not, though. The mischievous bullies will be taken care of as the school’s security drone chases after them. For equal humor, one could modify the drones to where, whenever they’re activated to chase after someone, they’d repeatedly shout, “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” 


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