Lotus: Smart Architecture Breathes Like A Flower

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Lotus Dome Feature

From the company that brought you the sexy techno-fashion dress Intimacy, Studio Roosegaarde push creative boundaries again with their nature-imitating architecture known as the Lotus. From their Lotus 7.0 to the Lotus Dome, the design mimics the breathing of a flower when it comes into contact with light. Lights on, the metallic pedals gradually open up; lights off, the pedals then retract. Unlike flowers, however, the Lotus knows when you’re there.

Lotus Dome 3

When asked about its latest design, the Lotus Dome, Studio Roosegaarde told Serious Wonder that:

“The Lotus Dome is a futuristic vision of the Renaissance. It merges elements of architecture and nature into an interactive environment. When approached, the big silver dome lights up and opens its flowers. Its behavior moves from soft breathing to dynamic mood when more people interact.”

Lotus Dome 1

Built with both sensors and aluminum foils, whenever someone comes into close proximity of either a Lotus wall or dome, the sensors detect your exact location and spots you with a beautiful set of lights just behind the foils. As the heat of the light penetrate the foils, they begin opening up like a flower pedal would to sunlight, breathing “life” toward you. From there you are given a sneak peak into the inner world of Lotus, revealing what was previously veiled behind the metallic smart flowers.

“The light slowly follows people, creating an interactive play of light and shadow. The graphic representations of the lotus flower on the walls, and the deep bass sound, transforms the environment into Techno-Poetry.” – Liza Blummel, Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde has informed us that the Lotus Dome will remain exhibited at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam until the 5th of May this year.

Lotus Dome 2


Where will the Lotus go from here? Will it be integrated into larger architecture, or perhaps into clothing – your dress or suit “opening up” as the sun beams down on you?


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