Loading Human: The Future of Gaming or Reality?

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Loading Human thumbnail

Imagine yourself like Neo from the hit sci-fi film The Matrix, booting into a virtual world that looks, feels, smells, and tastes like the real world. This has been the dream goal for every video gamer and sci-fi enthusiast alike: to design and program a world indistinguishable from reality. Thanks to software company Untold Games, however, we’re about to make one large step towards that dream goal with the help of virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift™Loading Human!

Loading Human is a sci-fi adventure game where you play as Prometheus who is going through intensive training to prepare himself for a deep-space mission. During this time, like crossing a stream via stepping stones, you’ll find yourself jumping from one memory fragment to another, adding pieces of your background and life into the ever-growing story line. Using both Oculus Rift™ and motion-based controllers like STEM™ by Sixense, you’ll be in full and direct contact and control of your surrounding environment.

The game’s visuals are backed by Next-Gen engine UNREAL 4 and will be made available sometime next year as soon as consumer versions of the Oculus Rift™ are launched. Current plans are for Loading Human to be released for Windows and Mac OS, but with the PlayStation 4′s upcoming launch of their own VR goggles called Project Morpheus™, plans are also being made for the game to be adapted to next-gen consoles as well.

Loading Human gameplay

The company is currently pushing Loading Human through a crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter, having already achieved over 80% of the necessary funding with 20 days left to spare. It is clear that people are ready for virtual reality, especially when it involves a vast new world, not limited by the boundaries we all must accommodate everyday in reality. Loading Human is being labeled “the most immersive narrative experience you’ve ever lived.”

“Virtual reality made a whole world of new possibilities arise right in front of our eyes (pun intended). We decided to be part of it, so we joined together and we have combined our knowledge to create ‘Loading Human.’” – Untold Games


As the video shows below, Loading Human isn’t just any normal video game. In fact, it isn’t just any normal virtual reality game. What Loading Human provides is a stepping stone to something far greater than another virtual reality game – it provides a looking glass into the future of reality! Interacting with your virtual environment is one thing; it’s a whole other thing when we begin interacting with other people, face to face, who live in different countries.

How will this change our perceptions of “reality”? Will we start building true romantic relationships within these virtual worlds? Perhaps an entirely new economy, backed by digital cryptocurrencies, providing an escape from current socio-economic difficulties in the offline world. Whichever happens, Loading Human is just the first step. What happens after will change the world forever!


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