Niwa: Growing Your Marijuana via Smartphone

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Niwa feature

Have you ever had the desire to grow your own vegetables, but weren’t able to due to a lack of time, resources, and/or land? Fret not, automated hydroponic chamber Niwa sets out to alleviate all three obstacles! With the simple touch of your smartphone, you’ll have full access to the cultivation process of your new indoor garden.

“We developed an innovative hydroponic-based technology that eliminates the hassle from gardening as we know it and enables anybody to grow their own food and plants from their mobile interface in a small city apartment space.” – Developers of Niwa

Niwa growing process

Niwa was launched for crowdfunding via Kickstarter and has already reached its $100,000 funding goal, with 22 days still left in the campaign.

The process is relatively simple: provide the necessary seeds, select what exactly you’re cultivating, and start the “timer”. From there you’ll be able to monitor your plant’s growth via your smartphone, track its progress, and if anything seems to be out of order you can take control yourself in its watering, temperature, and humidity. No matter where you are, so long the chamber is connected online, you’ll be in complete access.

It comes in three different models: the Niwa mini, the standard model, and the premium model. The mini is 27″ (69 cm) High x 19″ (49 cm) Wide x 8″ (21 cm) Deep, whereas the standard and premium models are the same width and depth, but 35″ (91 cm) tall.

Niwa specs

As for our Colorado and Washington readers, while marijuana can certainly be included as a viable crop to be grown via Niwa, according to High Times, given their expertise on the matter, growers will have to slightly tweak the hydroponic-based chamber to provide the necessary lighting, airflow, and darkness when needed. Still, it’s possible, so long you’re dedicated enough.


Imagine what the future of agriculture will be in the next decade! Personalized gardening will become the next biggest thing, from vertical gardening skyscrapers to aquarium sized indoor gardening in each home. What other methods can you think of that’ll transform agriculture – and yes, even marijuana cultivation – forever?


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