Geometric Dynamorph Channels Shamanic Energy

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:


Have you ever walked into a museum or an art exhibit and felt as if the building was pulling you in, deeper and deeper, until you realize that you’ve been there for hours? If not, then you soon will thanks to architecture and design practice Orproject. Their latest design, the Dynamorph, is currently on show at the International Cultural Institute in Venice for the forthcoming Venice Biennale for Architecture, from June 7 to November 23.

The Dynamorph installation was designed for the exhibition on Shamanism, set to visualize what is known as “Urja”—the energy force in which shamans attempt to control through their meditative practices—complimenting the Nepalese shamanic artifacts that’ll be displayed throughout the exhibit as well.

“Dynamorph is an isosurface that envelopes the visitors and forms a surreal, mystical cave that interfaces between the present and the past. The branching and flowing geometry of Dynamorph evokes the symbolism of roots, trunks and branches that form the three worlds of shamanism.” – Orproject

As you walk through this geometric cave, the Dynamorph’s algorhithmic design channels a “gravitational force-field” at the center of the exhibit, pulling its visitors into the physical display of shamanic history and culture. As its volume continues being pulled and distorted, you begin to notice it continuously branching out like a cosmic forest.

“Made up of over three thousand individual segments, the tessellated geometry resembles mass and movements found in nature similar to the trajectory of planetary mass under the influence of stars and black holes, the formation of cumulonimbus clouds guided by winds, pressure and temperature variations, or the interaction between electromagnetic fields and subatomic particles.” – Orproject

Just as shamans believes that “Urja” helps influence the movement of their practice, the Dynamorph’s geometric design helps influence the movement of its visitors, becoming what Orproject considers to be a physical manifestation of both.








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