Mod Your Face With ModiFace: Real-Time Facelifts?

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

ModiFace setup

A month ago, I’d written about the upcoming makeup 3D printer, Mink. The printer was engineered to help in both cost and access efficiency in the makeup industry and beauty market. It achieves this by using a color-picker app programmed into the printer, allowing it to recognize the color code of any selected image and then print it using the same ink normal printers use.

Thanks to Dr. Parham Aarabi, the makeup and beauty industry has just become more technological with ModiFace! Providing photo-realistic makeup simulations, the ModiFace app has already been downloaded more than 30 million times, with over 2 million makeovers done using ModiFace a day.

ModiFace app

What started off as a face-tracking software idea, ModiFace became a disruptive piece of technology to the beauty industry after nearly 8 years of creative development. Using facial recognition, the ModiFace app tracks your entire face as you virtually customize it in real-time. Using its various features, you’re given photo-realistic simulations of what you could look like without having to actually do so beforehand.

You can ModiFace out right now by going on its main webpage and downloading here.

ModiFace feature thumbnail

Serious Wonder was able to talk briefly with Dr. Parham Aarabi, asking him his own personal thoughts on ModiFace:

“The ability to preview effects on your photo (and now, on your video) makes beauty shopping easier, better, and in many ways more entertaining. The future I see is one that is less focused on ads with celebrities and more on personalized videos and ads that simulate effects on a user’s own photo or video.” – Parham Aarabi, Ph.D.


With ModiFace already out in the market, and with the Mink 3D printer on its way, it’s quite clear that the cosmetics industry is becoming the latest victim to disruptive, futuristic technologies. Beauty will soon no longer be defined solely by what is seen in magazines or on billboard ads, but in what you see on your monitor in real-time!

Cosmetics will become much more personalized than ever before, allowing customers to not only extract virtual clippings of the best makeup online and slap it on your digitally rendered face, but they will also be able to print the resources needed immediately. The future of makeup is virtual; the future of makeup is here!


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