Lose Weight and Look Younger With the Beauty Mirror

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER

Beauty Mirror feature

The year 2014 will be known as the year in which modern technology took the cosmetics industry by storm. In May, Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi had introduced the world her 3D makeup printer Mink, in which she demonstrated how the printer alone disrupts both price and time in the beauty market. In June I was able to speak with Dr. Parham Aarabi and talked about his company and their game changer app ModiFace, to which provides photo-realistic makeup simulations in real-time.

Today, however, the company ModiFace have developed and released a new player in the techno-cosmetics revolution – the Beauty Mirror app!

Beauty Mirror 1
When Serious Wonder spoke briefly with ModiFace, they stated:

“Beauty Mirror is a new iOS app that allows users to enhance their image in real-time using their iPhone or iPad as a virtual mirror…Beauty Mirror allows users to apply customizable facial, skin and anti-aging effects to every angle of their face instantly.” – Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace

Beauty Mirror 2

What originally was the job for very expensive software like Photoshop, the Beauty Mirror provides real-time anti-aging and weight reduction simulations as you take selfies or record a video. Using 3D face tracking programming, you can edit and mold your face with 14 different customizable features, from your face to chin, eyes to nose. To maintain its real-time simulation, the app updates itself every 0.03 seconds.

I was able to mess around with its beta copy and, I must say, it was quite remarkable. The subtle changes it made looked very life like and didn’t give any hint of digital modifications. For now it’s a simple app which makes slight changes to address unwanted wrinkles and excess skin, but soon the company plans on integrating the Beauty Mirror into your everyday recorded lives.

“In the coming months Beauty Mirror technology will be integrated as filters that users will be able to apply while using video chatting programs. The technology will also be used by several anti-aging and skin-care brands for in-store product simulation.” – Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace

Beauty MIrror 3

The Beauty Mirror app is now available for download here: http://modiface.com/beautymirror


While it isn’t very clear today, the cosmetics industry will be one of the leading players on the frontlines of a digital revolution. Our offline lives and our online lives are gradually blurring together, forming one vast interconnected, augmented reality.

Today you’ll be using Mink, ModiFace, and the Beauty Mirror to show off how you feel in the inside, but in the next few years we’ll begin witnessing real-time augmentations of our physical reality as the digital world melds through. We’ll see not what biology has forced us to look like, but rather the modified versions we’ve always dreamed of becoming.


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