Merge With the Machines, Wear An Exoskeleton Suit!

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Exoskeleton Suit feature

In the Abrahamic mythos of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth would simply lay his hand over a disabled man or woman’s head, or merely lift them up to their feet, to create a miracle – the ability to walk despite previously being paralyzed. While religious followers remain adamant of this story, scientists around the world are working hard to ensure this actually becomes a reality. In fact, one of the best methods of getting the paralyzed to walk again is already here – the exoskeleton suit!

On July 26 of this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the very first exoskeleton suit to be effectively used by those suffering from paralysis. The exoskeleton suit is known as ReWalk, a motorized device that straps around the legs and waist to help its wearer to walk, sit, and stand with minimal assistance.

(Image Credit: Daewoo)
(Image Credit: Daewoo)

Outside that of the U.S., however – and, in fact, outside that of the medical industry in general – exoskeleton suits are now being applied to heavy lifting for Korean shipyard workers at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME). Current prototypes are allowing the workers to lift up 65-pound objects with relative ease and move around as normal. Newer models, though, are being developed to allow workers to lift up nearly 4x more in weight.

According to the study conducted on this experimental exoskeleton suit, The Experiments of Wearable Robot for Carrying Heavy-Weight Objects of Shipbuilding Works, it was concluded that “the wearable robot could be helpful for assisting workers in several shipbuilding workplaces.” Indeed, these Korean workers are the closest thing to Iron Man, and with that comes abilities which will not only be helpful to them, but also revolutionary insofar as how it’ll overwhelmingly affect the global workforce in the coming years. In fact, the DSME aren’t stopping with exoskeleton suits!

“As one of the 4 areas of its Vision 2020 strategy (shipbuilding, marine engineering, plant, and energy), DSME is pushing ahead with the development, application and commercialization of high-performance robots and specialty robots which are essential to improve productivity, based on the company’s core technologies including small-size/light-weight and robust design, intelligent sensor system, real-time control, and integrated system operation.” – DSME


As I mentioned in a previous article of mine, “Yesteryear’s “Disabled” Are Today’s Augmented,” we are fast approaching a paradigm shift in both thinking and living. Those we label “disabled” are now reaching technological heights which are allowing them to embrace, not just an able-bodied state, but an augmented state of being as well. These suits will certainly have military applications as well, with agencies and companies like DARPA and Raytheon already on track for the future.

Soon enough everyone will have availability to exoskeleton suits. They won’t be large or clunky as current models are, and they’ll be so efficient that you need not exhaust your muscles ever again. Current research is being successfully done by double amputee and engineer Hugh Herr at MIT, in which running exoskeleton suits are achieving just that.

While many looking in from the outside fear that they may never be able to acquire their own personal exoskeleton suit in the near future, it’s being made abundantly clear that mankind will soon be merging with the machines, starting with exoskeletons. As witnessed at Daewoo, these medically-beneficial technologies are now making headway in the non-medical sector, and with that comes our adolescent steps into Transhuman adulthood!


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