Electree: Giving Life To Surrounding Electronics

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Electree feature

We live in a world surrounded by electronics. What’s more, we’re surrounded by cables used to maintain life in said electronics. For many cases they’re quite unappealing, just laying about on our desks or next to our laptops. French designer Vivien Muller, however, has engineered a new means of providing life to our electronics which is both appealing and efficient – the Electree!

Electree 1

Serious Wonder spoke briefly with Vivien Muller, asking him his thoughts on Electree’s future possibilities:

“With organic solar cells, it will be inexpensive, colorful and flexible…With the internet of things and connected products it will be part of your home network, untethered and full of sensors.” – Vivien Muller

The Electree resembles that of a bonsai tree, with its leaves making up 27 different silicon photovoltaic panels that can be moved and twisted however each owner desires. Where a biological tree converts light energy into chemical energy via photosynthesis, the Electree uses the light energy from the sun to help charge your phone, or any other device that requires charging.

Electree 2

Vivien Muller has designed other incarnations of the Electree – the Electree Mini and Electree City. The Electree Mini is the same design concept from the original, only providing a little less energy. The Electree City is still in its design phase and could potentially reach the heights of biological trees and provide mass amounts of energy for vehicles, homes, etc.

Electree City

“Electree is delivered in modules which you assemble to create your own tree. This method makes it possible to produce an infinity of different shapes. You can model it according to your wishes and at the same time optimize the orientation of the photovoltaic cells and thus increase its effectiveness.” – Vivien Muller


Imagine rows of Electrees cascading down your neighborhood, sharing space with that of biological trees. Your home, alongside the rest of your neighborhood’s homes, is being charged 24/7, either by direct sunlight or by the stored excess energy overnight. Entire cities could potentially follow this route, especially for transportation as companies like Tesla Motors continues dominating the automobile industry with their electric vehicles. How would you use an Electree if you had one?


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