Extant Philosophy: “We decide our own fate – Humans and Robots, alike.”

Extant discussing purpose-function

Julie Gelineau (human): “Okay, ‘Rabbit’, let’s fix you. They just grabbed your bike for no reason?”

Ethan Woods (child ‘bot): “I could’ve stopped them if I were stronger.”

Julie: “Don’t move and don’t be so hard on yourself. It was two against one.”

Ethan: “I should be stronger.”

Sweeper ‘bot: “Damage detected. Please contact the nearest maintenance facility at your earliest convenience.”

Ethan: “They were hurting the ‘bot.”

Julie: “Seriously, if you keep moving I’m going to turn your mouth off.”

Ethan: “Can you help me fix him?”

Julie: “I’ve got my hands full fixing you.”

Ethan (sighs): “Are they going to throw him away?”

Julie: “He looks pretty beat up. I don’t think he’s able to perform his function anymore.”

Ethan: “What’s my function?”

Julie (stares in awe): “We made you so that you could find your own function. That’s why you’re special. Nobody wakes up on this planet and knows their purpose. But I’m sure you’ll find yours.”

(Extant s01e08 – “Incursion”)


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