B10N1C Implant Could Turn You Into a Cyborg

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

B10N1C feature

There is a growing movement in the 21st century with a single goal in mind – becoming a cyborg! This movement is known as biohacking, or in particular grinder. Biohacking is an umbrella term for all things which attempt to hack one’s biology, whether it be via diet, nootropic drugs, or cybernetics.

For grinders, cybernetic implants and advanced technology is their method of transcending their biological limitations. Incoming the B10N1C implant! The B10N1C is a multi-purpose implant that’s being designed by someone going by the name of txyz.info. The implant and its designs are being hosted by Hackaday.io – a social networking hackerspace for hackers and biotech engineers to show off their designs and build a productive community.

B10N1C implant 2

“Project Bionic Yourself (B10N1C) is a small implant for your arm that makes you a bionic-superhero. The idea comes from utilizing technology to give you a super ability such as wireless control devices by moving a single finger, sense electromagnetic fields, and even scan RFID keys while all being stored inside your body.” – txyz.info

B10N1C implant 1

But wait? Aren’t these already separate implants taken on by biohackers over the last few years? Yes, they are, to which Serious Wonder has even covered live procedures done for one of these implants, but the B10N1C wraps them all into a single device, and there are plans to add more enhancements – to create an interconnection between yourself and all surrounding devices.

The implant appears to be no bigger than your index finger and would be surgically inserted in the underside of your forearm. It’s made up of several components, such as an electromyography sensor, an accelerometer, an electromagnetic field sensor, an LED bar graph, RFID reader/writer, memory, etc.

The B10N1C is covered with a medical grade silicon shell, with an EMF antenna, an RFID antenna coil, and inductive charging coil. Its EMG terminals are made up of medical grade stainless steal, and a humidity sensor to determine the humidity levels inside the implant itself.

“The proposed project hinges on the idea of becoming bionically similar to Robocop. Using my knowledge of implantable materials (silicone, polyurethane, etc), I hope to upgrade my body to communicate with the tech-friendly culture that we live in today.” – txyz.info

B10N1C implant 3


The B10N1C implant will allow people to officially become cyborgs – the integration of both biology and technology. Its bluetooth capabilities will allow the implantees to upload Arduino code over the air, reducing the need for wires to zero. The implant marks a staging ground for a new community of people – people who aren’t necessarily human, nor necessarily robotic. These people are cyborgs and the community is only growing larger as the demand for cybernetic enhancements continue increasing.

Imagine a world where everyone and everything is interconnected via advanced bio-technology. Where our limited sensory perceptions of the world around us are enhanced a thousand-fold, allowing us to see, feel, and hear things beyond our wildest imaginations. The disabled are not just able, but augmented, and the fear of disease completely expropriated due to nano and femtobots swimming through our bloodstreams, maintaining absolute efficient health.

It’s the rise of a cyborg nation, and everyone is invited!


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