Donate to Anti-Aging Research (+more) By Using Amazon Smile!

Smile Amazon Sens

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge was a great event which brought in a million new donors and millions of dollars in donations for ALS research. But what about the other diseases out there, and other charities needing your help? What if you could donate to them every time you shopped online?

Thanks to Amazon, this is now possible. Their relatively new service program Amazon Smile allows people to choose a charity they’d like to donate to and then have a percentage of each purchase you make on Amazon donated to said charity. It doesn’t charge you extra, it simply reserves 0.5% of each purchase for the charity of your choosing. Granted, it’s not a lot, but for someone like me who uses Amazon a lot for most of my shopping, I’m just glad that part of that money is going somewhere important.

And the charities are abundant! Myself, I’ve chosen the SENS Foundation because I believe in their research on aging and combating age-related diseases. You could also choose the Wounded Warrior Project, or the World Wildlife Fund, or even the Colon Cancer Coalition Foundation. There are hundreds of different charities available for you to choose from.

The program is less than a year old and provides an easier means of donating to charities. Of course, no one’s stopping you from donating outside of Amazon’s services as well, but if you’re like me and wish to donate all the time without it harming your own expenses, then be sure to sign up and use Amazon Smile the next time you make a purchase online. Go to


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