Doctor Who Philosophy: “Life prevails over Death; Resistance is Futile”

Doctor Who into the dalek

Journey Blue (rebel fighter): “Why should we trust a Dalek? Why would it change?”

The Doctor (Time Lord): “Good question. Rusty, what changed you?”

Rusty (Dalek): “I saw beauty.”

Doctor: “You saw what?”

Rusty: “The silence and the code. I saw worlds burning.”

Blue: “That’s not beauty; that’s destruction.”

Rusty: “I saw more.”

Doctor: “What? What did you see?”

Rusty: “The birth of a star.”

Doctor: “Stars are born every day. You’ve seen a million stars born. So what?”

Rusty: “Daleks have destroyed a million stars.”

Doctor: “Oh, millions and millions. Trust me, I keep count.”

Rusty: “And yet, new stars are born.”

Doctor: “Every time.”

Rusty: “Resistance is futile.”

Doctor: “Resistance to what?”

Rusty: “Life returns; life prevails. Resistance is futile.”

(Doctor Who s08e02 – “Into the Dalek”)


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