Try On Wedding Dresses With New Augmented Reality App

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

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Despite the happiness and fun planning for your own wedding can be, sometimes it can be a real hassle. One of the biggest hassles being trying to find the right suit and dress to wear for your big day. It’s a monotonous task, which normally takes up a lot of time. What if you didn’t have to do this anymore, and instead relied on augmented reality to find the right dress for you from the convenience of your own home?

Thanks to newcomer app developer Wedding Reality, Inc., a new augmented reality app is now available which does just that. Say hello to the Wedding Dress Studio!


Serious Wonder spoke briefly with Wedding Reality, discussing the app’s overall basis:

“Users start by uploading a full body photo to the app, and then choose from a gallery of over 300 unique gown designs that vary silhouettes, necklines, fabric and embellishments. Once a “dream dress” has been created, it can then be saved to the device and shared on social media.” – Wedding Reality, Inc.


Using Wedding Reality’s patented fabric-remapping technology, the app is as simple as taking a picture on your phone. Using your iPad, have the bride-to-be stand in position and take a fully body snapshot. From there you’ll place specific markers by the shoulders, waist, and thighs to ensure each dress design fits perfectly over the body. After that, let your imagination flourish!

The Wedding Dress Studio app is only available for the iPad, but what it provides is vast. With over 300 different wedding gown designs to try on, what would normally take days could potentially only take hours, if not mere minutes to find the right dress for you. The fabrics and silhouettes that go alongside the gown designs make the experience all the more diverse, ensuring no rock remains unturned by the time you find your dream dress.

As I played around with the app’s beta test, I could definitely tell this was going to be a game changer. I couldn’t help but use my family as guinea pigs for my augmented reality experiments, and even they had a lot of fun with it. No doubt in my mind, the Wedding Dress Studio is going to revolutionize the bridal market!

“We’re excited to bring augmented reality technology to the bridal world, as there is nothing like this on the market. Each of the gowns available through the app are based on what’s currently trending and fashionable in the industry right now, making it easy for brides to go into a store and show a salesperson exactly what they want.” – Wedding Reality, Inc.

You can now download the Wedding Dress Studio app by going here:


In the last few months I’ve covered new technologies which are transforming the beauty market from the ground up – Mink, ModiFace, and the Beauty Mirror. Now with the Wedding Dress Studio, there isn’t just an app for looking beautiful, but looking beautiful while in your virtually rendered wedding gown. It’s a game changer in how we prepare for important events, such as weddings, to which augmented reality is now growing in demand to be that helping hand.

Forget driving to stores, or physically trying on dozens of clothes that take too much time and money out of your day. Just turn on your tablet, take a selfie, and bring the stores and clothes to you in real-time! Eventually there won’t be physical stores for you to walk in, but rather virtual stores by your very fingertips, allowing you to jack in and become whoever and whatever you desire. Trust me, wedding dresses are just the beginning.


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