The Robot Cleaner War Has Begun!

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We’ve all come to know and enjoy Roomba by advanced technology company iRobot Corporation. With thousands of reviews online, both positive and negative, including those cute Youtube videos of our feline friends hopping a ride on top of one – iRobot’s Roomba has changed forever the way we clean our homes. Now comes the competition!

Say hello to our new cleaner ‘bot overlord – the Dyson 360 Eye!

Dyson 360 1

“Most robotic vacuum cleaners don’t see their environment, have little suction, and don’t clean properly. They are gimmicks. Vision, combined with our high-speed digital motor and cyclone technology, is the key to achieving a high-performing robot vacuum — a genuine labor-saving device.” – James Dyson

Designed by British inventor James Dyson, known prominently for his bagless vacuum cleaners, the Dyson 360 Eye is jumping into the ring to face off against both present and future robots in the cleaner ‘bot market. While slightly taller than the Roomba, its width is half Roomba’s size and is able to clean a wider array of dust and whatever other junk rests on your floors.

Dyson 360 3

The most prominent feature in the Dyson 360 Eye is its 360° tracking of the entire surrounding area. Using panoramic lens, the robot can distinguish different features as it triangulates itself throughout the area it’s cleaning, thus performing accurate navigation. Similar to other Dyson vacuums, the Dyson 360 uses cyclones to capture dirt and microscopic dust particles, with the help of its two bristles used for both hard floors and carpet. Its means of navigation is also superior to other cleaner ‘bots before it, using tank tracks for accurate maneuvering and a digital motor to help in its suction performance – a spin of around 78,000 rpm!

How the Dyson 360 will perform in comparison to its other competitor – Samsung’s Powerbot VR9000 – is yet to be seen. Though one thing is for sure: the robot cleaner wars have begun!

Dyson 360 2


Most of us should remember Rosie from the hit sci-fi cartoon show The Jetsons. Rosie was, for all intents and purposes, a service robot for the Jetson family – cleaning, cooking, and any other chore you can think of. What made her stand out, however, was that she was also considered a part of the family – respected and loved, with several moments of Rosie showing off her own “humanity”.

This is the dream. Rosie represents the cleaner ‘bot we all want, who we not only rely on to help keep our living spaces clean, but also someone we can enjoy and love. The Dyson 360 Eye is definitely no Rosie, nor are iRobot and Samsung’s cleaner ‘bots, but they’re stepping stones to that future. Soon there won’t just be a cleaner ‘bot in every home throughout the world, but that same cleaner ‘bot may have conversations with you and comfort you when you’re alone – they’ll become a part of the family.


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  1. I own an old Roomba but, due to it being less efficient than a standard vacuum cleaner I havent used it for several years. I do pay a human cleaner and do wonder what will happen to such occupations in the future. It may not be most peoples idea of a great job. It is, however a source of employment and the money earned by my cleaner and others employed in this occupation enables them to live, spend money and thereby keep the economy going. Kevin

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