The New Apple Watch Flirts With Bio-Computing

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Apple Watch header

The Apple live event is over and their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch have been revealed. Many blogs and news pages will be covering the phones and watch, top to bottom, in which case a need for us to do so similarly would appear pointless. Instead, as a futurist magazine, I feel it’s more prudent to instead look at its future applications. And what better way of doing so than by looking at their new sleek looking wearable – the Apple Watch!

“Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created.” – Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

Apple Watch 1

Again, most blogs and pages will be covering the specs with meticulous detail. Instead I feel that one application in particular of the Apple Watch stands out most, which will have greater future implications than any other. By this, I mean their haptic sensors.

Apple Watch 3

Haptics are tactile sensors which recreates the sense of touch. For the Apple Watch, it attains 4 sensors on its underside which activates the display screen as soon as they detect your wrist, and will even tap your wrist when you receive notifications, alerts, and so on. This is all in thanks to its linear actuator called the Taptic Engine, which is the source of the watch’s haptic feedback.

As a result of this Taptic Engine, the Apple Watch – albeit, a wearable computer – is starting to flirt with bio-computing. It provides a whole new set of ways to communicate with other people, such as alerting them with a digital tap. What makes it even more impressive is its connection with your biological systems – in particular, your heart. Because of its haptic sensors you’ll now be able to send your own heartbeat to friends, family, and loved ones. Talk about handing over your heart to someone!

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch will cost around $349 and will be released sometime next year. For most features, an iPhone 6 will be required in order for the Apple Watch to work fully.


There are many features in the Apple Watch which could be covered, but the overall specs aren’t what fascinate me. I couldn’t care less what its physical appearance is in comparison to other phones. My main focus is in how the device will transform the individual and society in general. In other words, how will its newest abilities affect its wearer?

With the heart rate monitor, including its fitness trackers and personalized messaging, it’s clear that many future applications are just a keystroke away. Thus far you’re able to send your heartbeat to your loved ones – to physically have someone miles away from you to feel your heart beating on their wrist! It’s already changed the way we’ll physically and emotionally bond with one another. Imagine a couple wearing these during their most intimate moments, not just feeling each others’ physical touch, but an almost symbiotic connection as well.

Soon it won’t just be your heart in which your wearable is monitoring, but every other organ in your body as well – your very own Tricorder! In fact, by that time, you won’t even be relying on wearables, but will plunge yourself into the world of bio-computing. Cybernetic medical chips will be implanted in your body; digital tattoos will monitor your blood levels; nanobots will be swimming in your bloodstream, maintaining absolute health efficiency. So the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor isn’t just some cool new software, but is a sneak peek into a much larger, much more digital future!


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