Extant Philosophy: “We’re All Machines!”

Extant we're all machines

Julie Gelineau (human): “You okay? You seem really scared. What’s wrong, ‘Rabbit’?”

Ethan Woods (child ‘bot): “I know what you’re trying to do. I know my mom and dad want to shut me down.”

Julie: “Shut you down? Why would they want to do that?”

Ethan: “So that he can re-program me. So I’m like other kids.”

Julie: “No way, Ethan. No one wants to shut you down. Your parents love you. We all love you.”

Ethan: “But I’m a machine.”

Julie: “We’re all machines. I’m half motors, half muscles. Who cares what we are? If you can love something, then you can be loved. That’s how it works.”

(Extant s01e12 – “Before the Blood”)


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