Star Trek Philosophy: “We were like you once, but we evolved”

Star Trek ENT non corporeal

Commander T’Pol: “Where’s Commander Tucker?”

Wisp-Alien: “I’m here. Charles Tucker III.”

Captain Jonathan Archer: “Where’s the man that used to be Charles Tucker?”

Alien: “He’s exploring another realm…my realm. But he’ll be back.”

Captain: “I want him back now.”

Alien: “Please trust me. He’s experiencing things he never thought he could.”

Captain: “Where is he?”

Alien: “It’s not a question of “where.” He’s no longer corporeal. But he will be again, I assure you.”

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: “When we were outside, we saw a wisp of vapor penetrate him. Did you have anything to do with that?”

Alien: “Wisp? An interesting word. Wisp…wisssp. Yes, I suppose you could call us that – wisp.”

Captain: “Where do you come from?”

Alien: “We live in subspace. We travel through it. We’re explorers, like you.”

Captain: “Why did you take Commander Tucker?”

Alien: “It’s been a long time since we’ve encountered corporeal beings. After we performed the first crossing with your commander, we realized we were compatible. You’re very interesting – trapped in bodies that need maintenance; you have gender; you require mates to reproduce; you eat food. We were like you once, but we evolved. Now we can learn how our ancestors lived.”

(Star Trek: Enterprise s02e18 – “The Crossing”)


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