Print the Legend: The Growing World of 3D-Printing

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Print the Legend

Print the Legend Synopsis

Print the Legend, the newest Netflix Original Documentary, is a story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. For the first time in history, the building of an industry and its inevitable social upheaval has been filmed. The result is Print the Legend, a documentary which chronicles the race to bring 3D printing to the forefront of society. It’s a compelling look at an industry in the midst of its “Macintosh Moment,” chronicling the infinite and unlimited potential of 3D printing… as well as the dark possibilities that could lie underneath.

The Netflix Original Documentary Print the Legend will be ready to be streamed on September 26.

Print the Legend header


Print the Legend exposes us to the growing world of 3D-printing. With it comes the almost magical prospect of a world in which everything you see, and everything you can think of, will be printable in a matter of minutes, if not mere seconds. It moves beyond political borders as well, with libertarians seeing it as a valid means of printing what they want without government intervention; socialists see its potential in achieving the equal access to the means of production, and so on.

Soon the home you live in, and the car you drive, will be 3D-printed. Your food and clothing will also be 3D-printed, becoming our real-world replicators from Star Trek. Of course, so will guns, chemical weapons, etc. 3D-printing will eventually force us to re-write our laws in order to maintain relevancy with the times. There won’t be any real means of controlling people in what they print, and nor should we try. This growing new world provides us many great opportunities, of which will equally attain as many risks. The goal now is to ensure access to said opportunities, all while alleviating any possible risk as a result.


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