Our Future Celebrities Will Be Technologists

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Celebrities FIRST feature

The celebrities of today range anywhere from actors to athletes. They’re amazing at what they do, but in the end they can greatly disappoint us. After all, what they do is purely to entertain you, despite whatever message they may be giving. But what if our future celebrities not only entertained us, but uplifted us out of our socio-economic conditions? What if our future celebrities helped change the world via science and technology?

At FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an international youth organization, those future celebrities are being organized, year after year, with their annual FIRST Robotics Competition. With this competition, teams of high school students throughout the United States (and growing outside of U.S. borders) engineer their own robots and compete them against one another in several different types of fun but challenging games.

“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” – FIRST Vision

As noted in FIRST’s vision above, their goal is to inspire the younger generation to become more involved in the worlds of science and technology – to make a difference in the world using these newly found skills and aspirations. Whether you’re rich or poor, have a criminal history or not, no matter your difference apart from everyone else, you can have a chance to become part of something more, a growing community of technologists, and create a better world with what you learned at FIRST Robotics.


These are our future celebrities. It won’t just be about entertainment, but something greater, something much larger. People won’t be judging them based solely on how they’ve acted or performed, but in how they challenged you mentally, and how they overcame real-world obstacles and created a positive new future with advanced science and technology. With robotics, whoever creates a better, more efficient, more life changing robot will achieve the very same fame status as that of today’s rock stars and Hollywood actors/actresses.


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