Looking Glass: An Augmented Reality Platform For the Beauty Market

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Looking Glass 1

If you’re in the online beauty business, get ready for some augmented reality (AR)! Over the last few months I’ve been covering the recent surge of advanced technologies being integrated into cosmetics, from 3D printing to AR. The virtual cosmetic company ModiFace has been at the forefront of this revolution, with its ModiFace app and the Beauty Mirror. Today ModiFace has now launched a new AR beauty platform called Looking Glass.

Serious Wonder was able to speak with Dr. Parham Aarabi, the CEO of ModiFace, where we discussed a little bit about their new platform Looking Glass.

“The Looking Glass platform will essentially allow every visual ad be capable of having a person’s own photo and simulating on top of that photo what they would look like with the product being advertised. This is a technology platform that any agency or any brand can use to make their ads interactive.” – Dr. Parham Aarabi

No matter what company you are, or what brand you’re selling, ModiFace is providing Looking Glass code for everyone, free of charge, ready to be engaged however you see fit.

Looking Glass 2

With the simple tag of a couple lines of HTML code – one line in the Header section and the other wherever you wish on your website – any website will be able to transform their beauty ads into an interactive application. From there the user will be provided a near-limitless supply of virtual cosmetic enhancements to apply on their virtually rendered face.

“Consumers love to see what a product looks like on them. It is much easier to see the product on your own image rather than try on a product in a store. It is also easier if you’re at home, getting ready to go somewhere, deciding what lipstick to wear, what eye shadow to wear, maybe try 20 different combinations from an app, rather than try 20 different combinations in real life.” – Dr. Parham Aarabi

ModiFace is now providing the Looking Glass platform code on their website here.


Although Dr. Aarabi stated that the immediate focal point of the Looking Glass platform was for online applications at the current moment, he also sees the potential in it being applied via offline as well. Imagine walking into a cosmetics store, or any retail store selling beauty products, and standing in front of an actual mirror, trying on new beauty appliances without physically touching your face. This would be achieved via smart mirrors that have AR tech etched into its very fabric.

In fact, forget retail stores. Try on all the makeup you want while using the smart mirror in your very own house. This could be easily accessible, given the open-source modality of online beauty ads, from store websites to blogs to simple search queries. Once you’ve found the right product you’re looking for, send it to your 3D printer and there you go.

Looking Glass is just the start of an even larger technological revolution. Essentially, what ModiFace is doing is transforming beauty into a wearable technology.


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