Umami: Geometric Morphologies In Future Ornaments

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Umami feature

When we look at the simple things in which we use to decorate places we call home, they’re designed to give a sense of comfort, and equally a sense of connection. To people looking in from the outside, all they see are simple ornaments with no meaning behind them, but for the owner there’s a story of self. As we move closer to a future far more radical than originally dreamed of, those ornaments will no longer be simple things, but rather complex structures that’ll fit with a complex life of wonder and awe.

Thanks to the architecture and design company Orproject, your next vase or bowl that’ll compliment your future life and your future home will resonate just that. Say hello to Umami Series!

Umami 7

“Digitally calculated as material deformations of force-based vector fields, the morphologies create dense and open distributions of the steel strips that distort and form curved volumes.” – Orproject

Umami 3

Umami Series makes up both a bowl and vase design made out of stainless steel. Prototypes of the Umami design were put on display at the India Design, (p)ROTO-type 2.0 exhibition, which was curated by Delhi based artist Vishal K. Dar. The design, itself, is based on Orproject’s extensive research into anisotropic material aggregations, which develop single curved sheets of metal based on geometric networks, surfaces, and volumes.

“Both the vase and bowl are made up of undulating layers of stainless steel which meet and connect at varying intervals.[…]the opacities and translucencies of the objects deviate and generate continuously flowing geometries.” – Orproject

Umami 2

If you enjoyed seeing the designs of the Umami Series by Orproject, be sure to go on their webpage and check out their past projects and projects ahead. Serious Wonder has also done coverage of their past designs as well, including their more recent Lehar.


Umami 4

Umami 5

Umami 6

Umami 1


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